Game Console Prices Increase Computer Sales

Game Console Prices Increase Computer Sales
Game Console Prices Increase Computer Sales

The high prices of popular game consoles in pre-sale continue to direct users to alternatives.

According to the data of, which provides access to computer systems that can cost much less than the consoles, which attract attention with prices up to 9.300 TL, between September 2019 and September 2020, ready system sales increased by 285 percent and portable computer sales increased by 207 percent.

With the announcement of the pre-sale prices of popular game consoles, interest in PC build and ready-made computer systems has also increased. Attracting attention with prices up to TL 9.300, game consoles continue to direct users to alternative systems., which offers users the freedom to easily collect the computer system they want with the "PC Collection Wizard" and thousands of products in a wide range from gaming ready systems to professional gaming equipment, according to the data between September 2019 - September 2020, showed an increase of 285 percent.

Alternative to game console: PC assembly and ready-made computer systems

After the introduction of 18 percent additional tax on game consoles announced on April 50, ready-made system sales increased by 70 percent compared to March, and 2019 percent compared to April 1.150. In the same period, it was determined that PC Collection Wizard sales increased by 235 percent compared to the previous month and 2019 percent compared to April 336.

Computer systems from 2,000 TL to 170,000 TL can be collected

Underlining that they provide users with the opportunity to easily collect the computer system they want with its advanced infrastructure and offer special discounts to users during collection, İ Founding Partner Nurettin Erzen said, “At İ, we offer a PC Collection tool that allows users to prepare their own computers using the computer components they want.

In addition, we collect ready-made computer systems to help users and offer our users opportunities such as directly purchasing these computer systems or customizing the ready-made system by changing a few components in it. A user can collect his own computer system according to his needs, in the current price range of 2,000 TL to 170,000 TL. Our users can comfortably play many current games with a computer system that will cost much less than popular game consoles in pre-sale. said.

Stating that the total PC Collection Wizard and Ready System computer sales have been around 2019 percent since the beginning of 53, Erzen said, “This rate may vary periodically, for example, with the effect of opening schools in September, our notebook sales prevent ready-made system sales. " He continued his words in the form.


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