Ovacık Plateau Has Been The New Favorite Of Paragliding Lovers

Ovacık Plateau Has Been The New Favorite Of Paragliding Lovers
Ovacık Plateau Has Been The New Favorite Of Paragliding Lovers

Ovacık Plateau, at an altitude of 450 meters, located in Beypazarı Üreğil District, has become the new favorite of paragliding lovers. The Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Mansur Yavaş, made the athletes happy by building the paragliding track with the up and down road of the plateau. Not only the adrenaline from the capital's many provinces of Turkey are showing intense interest in paragliding enthusiasts.

Mansur Yavaş, Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, continues to support sports and athletes.

Mayor Yavaş built the paragliding runway with the up and down road of Beypazarı Üreğil Mahallesi Ovacık Plateau, which started to be among the popular places of paragliding athletes, and offered it to the service of sports lovers.


Ovacık Plateau, which has a sufficient height for paragliding flights and target competitions, is on its way to becoming a brand by being recognized in nature and sports tourism.

Many aviation clubs show great interest in the plateau, which is the meeting point of paragliders. The district of Üreğil, which became famous in a short time after the athletes discovered the Ovacık Plateau at an altitude of 450 meters, is described as one of the most suitable centers for paragliding thanks to the south winds.


Making the first flight with the athletes, Üreğil Mahallesi Muhtar Mustafa Ayanoğlu pointed out that the area was discovered primarily by adrenaline enthusiasts and said, “After conveying the situation to our Metropolitan Mayor, Mr. Mansur Yavaş, he personally took care of it. He did not hesitate to help us. We would like to thank our President Mansur and the Metropolitan Municipality Science Affairs Department. A nice paragliding track in our neighborhood kazanthey went,” he said.

With paragliding not only in the capital district of Beypazarı Turkey Noting that athletes began to gain recognition in the general, voiced his thoughts in the following words:

 Mustafa Çelik (Turkish Aeronautical Association Ankara Sportive Wind Aviation Club President): “Parachute area; It is one of the rare places that we can see with its location, height, nature, ponds and natural beauties of the Historical Silk Road. We would like to thank our Mayor Mansur and our headman for their support. "


Tarık Demir, one of the athletes who drew attention to the importance of location for paragliding, said, “I have been interested in paragliding sport for many years. We have made flights in many places in the country and abroad. We were looking for an alternative hill with a south wind. Beypazarı Üreğil is really a very special region. We found this place for Turkey Alba can say, "he said.

Emphasizing that they had difficulties in reaching Ovacık Plateau before, but saying that the transportation problems were eliminated by the Metropolitan Municipality's construction of roads and track, Demir said, “We will hold a festival with record attendance here in May. We plan to organize competitions in the future. He expressed his satisfaction with his words, “We would like to thank our headman, the District Governor and our Metropolitan Mayor Mr. Mansur Yavaş”.

Stating that between Beypazarı and Kızılcahamam is also the flight route of vultures, Orkut Baysal stated that he has been a paragliding pilot for 6 years and said, “This is a very special area. The flight route of vultures between Beypazarı and Kızılcahamam. For paragliders, as it faces the southern slopes, this place gets sun very early. "It is a suitable point for thermal flights to be carried out here, even in winter, as it is constantly warming up during the day."

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