Nostalgic Tram Coming to Aliağa!

Nostalgic Tram Coming to Aliağa!
Nostalgic Tram Coming to Aliağa!

Mayor of Aliağa, Serkan Acar, Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer and asked for cooperation proposal and approval in some projects to be held in Aliağa. Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerAliağa Mayor Serkan Acar, who met with Soyer upon the invitation of the Municipality within the scope of its meetings with the Mayors, explained the projects to be made in Aliağa to Mayor Soyer and Metropolitan Bureaucrats.

“We Are in All Kinds of Cooperation. Or We Only Wait For Approval For Projects That Are Under Its Authority From The Metropolitan.

Aliağa Mayor Serkan Acar explained the projects to be carried out by Aliağa Municipality in detail to Mayor Soyer and his team with a presentation for 1 hour. Stating that Aliağa Municipality has the resources and knowledge to carry out the projects, Mayor Acar said, “However, some of our projects are under the jurisdiction of İzmir Metropolitan by law. We must do these projects as soon as possible. Aliaga for our citizens is more modern, spacious and an example to Turkey can transform a city. As Aliağa Municipality, we have resources for these projects. We have no trouble there. We do not want to bring loads to the Metropolitan. We are ready for all kinds of cooperation. Or, we are just waiting for approval from the Metropolitan for our projects that fall under its jurisdiction. " said.

President Serkan Acar Explained the Projects in Details

Aliağa Mayor Serkan Acar, in his 1 hour Aliağa Projects Presentation, "Traffic Circulation and Transportation Regulation Project in Aliağa's New Neighborhood, Culture and Kurtuluş Neighborhoods", "Aliağa Nostalgic Tram Line Project", "Aliağa City Center Revitalization Project", "Underground Half He explained in detail the "Automatic Parking Project", "Aliağa Beach Urban Design Project", "Naval Museum", "Open Air Museum" "Yacht Harbor" "Ancient Cities Promotion Center". Stating that Aliağa is a rapidly developing city with a dynamic population and a vibrant economy, Mayor Serkan Acar said that it is necessary to create parking lots and commercial areas that will revive modern, spacious and social life and reduce the traffic problem with urban transformation projects in the center of the city.

Underground Parking and a Modern Look to Democracy Square

Mayor Acar said that they planned spacious living and commercial areas around Aliağa Democracy Square, landscaping and a large and modern parking lot under the square, and that the square would have a modern structure as a whole and said, “This project will suit our city very well and solve the parking problem, which is a great need. As Aliağa Municipality, our resource is ready. However, according to the Metropolitan law, the authority to build parking is in the Metropolitan. We can do this project in cooperation with Aliağa Municipality and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. As the Metropolitan Municipality, if you give the authority to make parking and other arrangements to Aliağa Municipality, we can do the project. However, Aliağa is growing very fast. Our city, our countrymen, need this investment as soon as possible, we don't even have 1 day to wait. We have to start the project as soon as possible. "Our citizens of Aliağa expect this from us".

Transportation Master Plan Will End The Traffic Problem In Aliağa

Aliağa Mayor Serkan Acar explained in detail the "Traffic Circulation and Transportation Regulation Project in Yeni Mahalle, Kültür and Kurtuluş Neighborhoods" prepared by Aliağa Municipality in a presentation to Mayor Soyer and his team in Metropolitan Municipality. Noting that the project will meet the needs of Aliağa for the next 30 years, Mayor Serkan Acar stated that the face of Aliağa will change with Urban Design and Road applications, Intersection Arrangements, Lighting Projects and modern city furniture.

Nostalgic Tram Coming to Aliağa

Aliağa Mayor Serkan Acar stated that Aliağa has a long beach and transportation axis in the city center and shared the details of the Nostalgic Tram line project prepared by Aliağa Municipality for this route with Mayor Soyer. Mayor Serkan Acar said that Aliağa Tram will start from İZBAN Aliağa Station and follow the Aliağa Municipality Indoor Sports Hall, Fatih Street, Government House, Zeytinli Park, Beach Band, Front Beaches route and reach Ağapark. President Serkan Acar stated that the tram will be located on a route that requires a nostalgic and pleasure as well as transportation alternative, adding that the 8 km and 15 station project will add originality and value to Aliağa. President Serkan Acar noted that funds were provided from domestic and abroad for the project, and that this project was only awaiting approval from the Metropolitan since the transportation authority is in the Metropolitan Municipality.

Aliağa City Center Revitalization Project

Aliağa Mayor Serkan Acar also shared the details of the "Aliağa City Center Revitalization Project" prepared by Aliağa Municipality in his Metropolitan presentation. Within the scope of the project, the 50-year old building stock of the city center will be renewed, the Democracy Square, residential and commercial areas will be restored to the city with an aesthetic and modern, environmentalist perspective, a pedestrian connection between the beach and the city square will be established, and the parking need of the city center will be He said he would be met.

Aliağa Beach Urban Design Project

Aliağa Mayor Serkan Acar also detailed the details of the "Aliağa Coast Urban Design Project" prepared for the Aliağa Coast. Tunç Soyer and shared it with his team. In his presentation, President Serkan Acar shared many details including the Ancient City Promotion Center, Open Air Museum, Open Air Cinema, Maritime Museum, Library, Open Air Museum, Marina, Event Terraces.

Meeting Evaluation from Chairman Serkan Acar

Evaluating the meeting, Mayor Serkan Acar said, “We had the opportunity to explain our vision projects that will add value to our Aliağa, increase the quality of life, turn it into a new life concept focused on social life, environment and culture, and minimize problems such as traffic and parking, to our Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. Thank you very much for the invitations. We project all our projects to be done with Aliağa Municipality's own resources. However, since some of our projects remain within the jurisdiction of the Metropolitan, we want to cooperate in those projects or to realize them as soon as possible by getting approval from the Metropolitan. Everything to be done here is for a better Aliağa. Every project to be built will positively touch the lives of everyone living in Aliağa. It was a productive and beautiful meeting. Mr. Metropolitan Mayor stated that he will do his best for support and cooperation in projects. "Good luck to our Aliağa".


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