65 Percent of Narlıdere Metro Construction is Completed

65 Percent of Narlıdere Metro Construction is Completed
65 Percent of Narlıdere Metro Construction is Completed

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer told the story of 31 days from March 2019, 550, when he was elected. Stating that they are walking resolutely on the path they set out by saying “another life is possible”, Soyer also gave the good news that the Botanic Exposu will be held in Izmir in 2026.

“We all exist together and we need each other. Saying that we are actually İzmir together, Mayor Soyer said “We are actually İzmir together. We will find ways to live together in peace, we will either find a way or make a way. You will see, we will, because this is our common destiny. We are capable of this, ”he said.
İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, who achieved a historical success with over 31 percent of the votes in the local elections held on 2019 March 58, made the evaluation of his first 550 days in office with a meeting where representatives from different parts of the city were invited. The meeting titled “Another Life is Possible in İzmir” at the Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center was held with a diluted seating arrangement due to pandemic measures. President Tunç Soyer made a presentation under nine main headings, implemented democratic local government practices, efforts to improve agriculture, social projects aimed at reducing poverty and inequality, improving employment, nature-friendly actions, steps taken in the field of transportation, a crisis management model focused on solidarity in the pandemic process, He talked about the urban infrastructure investments and the breakthroughs that aim to make İzmir a world city with the works in the field of culture and arts.

550 days of democracy

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer started his presentation by referring to the vision of İzmir summarized under the title of “three sessions” during the election campaign process and reminded Kiraz's visit to Dokuzlar village, where he received the least votes after the election. Underlining that the main starting points in Izmir are to enlarge the development struggle of the city from the local, to increase welfare and to ensure fair distribution, President Soyer said: “We said that we will establish a city coalition in Izmir and we will listen to everyone. While fulfilling this promise, we hold regular meetings with non-governmental organizations and trade associations in Izmir. We produce policies by listening to the demands of every segment. We go to our districts far from the center and organize meetings with mukhtars. As we promised in the elections, we go to the back neighborhoods with our Municipality bureaucrats by Mobile Authority. We find the opportunity to touch the headmen and the citizens, we immediately direct our municipal teams to listen to the demands and solve the problems quickly. "

Huge steps in transportation

President Soyer stated that they brought the Narlıdere subway construction, which they took over with 12 percent completed, to a completion rate of 125 percent with an investment of 65 Million Euros: “We will finish the 11,2 km subway on time, on the promised date, without the support of the central government. We will have opened and finished the Metro tunnel in July. Turkey's history with the most reasonable cost, we will present the use of the subway in 2022 Izmirliyan built the fastest. We have made great progress in the way of realizing the Buca Metro, the biggest investment project in Izmir's history, which we have been struggling for a long time. As our first job, we have been working hard to generate investment opportunities from international financial institutions. At present, the financial partnership we established under the leadership of the European Bank of Reconstruction and with a contribution of 125 Million Euros, Black Sea Development 115 Million Euro, French Development 125 Million Euro, Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank have taken a policy decision to contribute 125 Million Euro. We have agreed to make a total investment of 490 Million Euros. We are performing the tender for the construction of our Çiğli Tram line within two weeks, on November 5, 2020. 11-kilometer Çiğli Tramway, Karşıyaka It is a continuation of the tram and consists of 14 stations. Çiğli tram will be put into service in 2023. We are knitting İzmir with iron nets. We renewed one third of the bus fleet. We bought 451 new buses. With this purchase, we signed the largest single bus tender in the country in 2020. Having the youngest naval fleet in Europe, İZDENİZ continues to get stronger with new ships. After Fethi Sekin Arabian Ferry, which started its voyage in August, Uğur Mumcu Arabalı Ferry is counting the days to be included in the fleet. We are implementing the Izmir Bicycle and Pedestrian Action Plan. We are strengthening the urban cycling infrastructure in Izmir and integrating cycling with public transportation vehicles. "

Another agriculture in Izmir

President Tunç Soyer stated that they have taken many steps to diversify İzmir's agriculture and support the sale of products in the remaining 550 days, and said: "With the transition of the villages to the status of neighborhoods, Turkey's agriculture has been damaged at a level that no segment of the society can deny. We are trying to put an end to this great injustice and to strengthen İzmir's economy. kazanWe say that another agriculture is possible to grow it.” Stating that the vision of Another Agriculture is Possible is based on four basic principles, President Soyer said: “The first is to protect local seeds and domestic animal breeds. Our second principle is to process our products and increase their added value and brand them. The third is to get stronger by coming together, that is, to become cooperative. Because in order for the small producer to survive, it is imperative that they come together and defend their rights together. Our last subject is to market the product in the national and international markets. At this point, our municipality company İZFAŞ is of vital importance. We are opening our small manufacturers, who do not have experience in branding, e-commerce and export, to the world with our fairs.”

35 specially designed parks are coming

Mayor Soyer stated that it is considered one of the main duties of local governments to produce and implement policies regarding nature and summarized the works they have done in this context as follows: “35 very special parks, which we call Living Parks, are located in the Meles Valley, Gediz Delta, Yamanlar Mountain and the Peninsula. We are rolling out to the entire province, starting from Olivelo Area. "

30 square meters of green space per person

Stating that with the new strategic plan, they consider increasing green infrastructure and green areas as one of their most basic infrastructure priorities, Soyer said, “In this direction, to double the amount of green space per capita in İzmir; We have completed all the technical work to increase it from 16 square meters to 30 square meters. Our Green City Action Plan, which we prepared with a grant from the European Development Bank, will be presented to our Municipal Assembly at the end of this year and will accelerate many of our investments in green infrastructure.” Stating that they have made the UNESCO World Natural Heritage application for the Gediz Delta, Soyer said, “Izmir is entitled to receive a grant of 2020 million euros with the project it has prepared within the scope of HORIZON 2,5, the highest budgeted grant program of the European Union. kazanwas. We have implemented the nature-based landscape solutions, the first examples of which we have realized in this project, in the Cheesecioğlu Stream, and now we are spreading them to the whole city.”

The memory of Bekir Coşkun and Pako will be kept alive

President Soyer announced that they have laid the foundations of a European-standard rehabilitation and adoption center for stray animals in Bornova Gökdere. Stating that they will place Pako in memory of Bekir Coşkun, the environmentally friendly master journalist whose name we recently lost, Soyer said, “We will complete our Dog Rehabilitation and Adoption Center, which is established on an area of ​​35 thousand square meters, in 2021”.

"Emergency Solution" for those in the back row

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer stated that they encourage coexistence by fighting all kinds of discrimination and hate speech and that they established the Urban Justice and Equality Branch Directorate in order to ensure the spread of peace and human rights culture to every corner of the city. Underlining that the secret of change is to see and listen to the problems in the back neighborhoods of İzmir, Soyer continued as follows: “We created Emergency Solution teams to identify the problems in the back neighborhoods on site and respond to their needs in a short time. Together with our teams, we go to these neighborhoods and listen and solve problems in the fastest way possible. The emergency solution team both increases the speed of the municipality's business and strengthens the ties between all Izmir residents. "

Stating that Masal Evleri is one of the most valuable projects spread in the back neighborhoods, Tunç Soyer said, “The purpose of Masal Evleri, which we established to develop children's skills; creating equal opportunities for children. While children receive education with fun, our Vocational Factory offers vocational and skill courses for their mothers. In 6 Fairy Tale Houses we have opened so far; We gave courses to 275 women who are not working and we continue to do so ”. President Soyer also emphasized that the Milk Lamb project has developed with new producer cooperatives and reached 30 districts.

Social gender equality

Involvement of women in every moment of life; Pointing out that the sense of democracy, peace, equality and justice is of vital importance in the development, President Soyer said, “We have a great responsibility for women's participation in the workforce and decision-making mechanisms. In our rural development projects, we give priority to our female producers in the People's Grocery, producer and neighborhood markets. In our Occupation Factory, we offer a profession to women. kazanWe provide permanent employment-guaranteed trainings. We are opening the first of the Key social life centers, where we provide holistic service to women, in Ornekkoy on November 25, Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, and we will increase their number even more.

Crisis municipality

As soon Appointed Public Health Department Chief Soyer said that they established the Presidency, pandemic conditions by a very rapid institutional renewal of life passing by example not this practice in Turkey "Crisis municipality is" expressed that they gave the name.

President Soyer emphasized that as soon as the pandemic started, they established a scientific committee consisting of doctors, healthcare professionals and academicians, and continued as follows: “We implemented the People's Bakkalı, the Suspended Book, the Suspended Bill with all the people of İzmir. In distance education during the pandemic period; Our municipality mobilized its facilities for our students who do not have internet and computers at home. We transformed our municipal facilities into training centers. In addition, we distribute 20 GB internet to 4 thousand students who do not have internet, and tablets to 3 thousand students. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has been the first municipality to initiate the maskematics application in order to facilitate free access of citizens to the mask in the fight against the covid-19 epidemic. We only inspire the solutions we produce pandemics in the world not to Turkey. "

Quality of life is improving

Reminding that he spoke about the record asphalt years during the election campaign period, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Soyer said, “We are conducting a very meticulous work both on the main arteries and streets in the city. Our İZBETON teams intensified the asphalt paving, parquet flooring, and key stone flooring works all over the city during the epidemic, when the traffic density was greatly reduced. We municipality is engaged in the way most villages in Turkey, "he said.

Izmir, Turkey's urban transformation in place until it is done anywhere Soyer stressed that, "We are preserving the people's right to choose their neighbors, so we're paying attention to the urban transformation of the culture of life remain the same. The tender was concluded in Ege Mahallesi. The third and fourth stages are in line in Örnekköy. Human housing is a right to the city. We are working hard to achieve this, ”he said. President Soyer added that the New Bus Terminal project was determined by an international architectural project competition.

Swimming in the Gulf is not a dream

Saying that with the rental of Levent Marina facilities, the accommodation and repair area of ​​the ships belonging to İZDENİZ was solved and children in the back quarters who cannot reach the sea in these facilities, Soyer said, “In Güzelbahçe, at a point very close to the city center, the blue bayraklı We opened our public beach. One day Karataş and KarşıyakaWe want to feel the pride of building a beach in Turkey and hoisting the blue flag. 'We will clear the bay, from Konak KarşıyakaI said 'we will swim', I am behind this promise. It is possible for nature to renew itself. If we do what is necessary and prevent pollution, the Gulf will actually clean itself. Unfortunately, the rainwater and sewage channels gathered in the same place and ultimately contaminated the Gulf. When we put an end to this pollution, the Bay will renew itself. The natural current and bottom waves of the Gulf are already doing the cleaning. We are bidding for a 378 km canal. We will separate rainwater and dirty water. We will pour the rainwater into the Gulf. We will send the waste water to the treatment plant. And I will swim in the bay. We will swim in the bay. "

Izmir gets its city theater

Stating that they want to create a climate that not only consumes but also produces in seven branches of art and that will enable new schools to be born, Mayor Soyer said, “We want to do this in every corner of İzmir, in its back streets. One of the works we are planning is the New Alsancak Project. In order for the area behind the harbor to be activated as an art-oriented development and attraction center, it applied for the Electricity Factory in this area and won the tender. kazanmystic. However, the tender was canceled for reasons we could not understand. But we did not give up. We bought the historical Yıldız Cinema and Bıçakçı Han. We will quickly complete the restoration work of these two distinguished structures. Befitting their past, the two buildings that we will transform into favorite culture and art centers of our city will shine brightly in the Basmane region where they are located. With the Cinema İzmir project, we say 'You will have a good reason to shoot your film in İzmir'. Our first step was to establish the Izmir Cinema office. Izmir Cinema Office; it plays a facilitating role and increasing the attractiveness of the city for the production of more movies, television series, music videos and commercials to be shot in İzmir. We are also establishing the Cinema Museum in İzmir. This museum will also be a center worthy of Izmir. We brought the first structure of our country, built as an opera house, to Izmir. kazanwe are raising. In Mavişehir, the construction of Opera İzmir continues at full speed. Our efforts to support the creative industries in İzmir are not limited to these. We are realizing the much awaited Izmir Metropolitan Municipality City Theatre, and it will meet the Izmir City Theatre in the new year. İzmir will be a city where culture and art will find a stronger life.”

World city İzmir

Saying that they are after the return of Izmir's reputation in order to increase the welfare of the city, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Soyer said, "Thanks to the bond we have established with the world, we increase our economic, cultural and social exchanges and build a richer life in Izmir." President Soyer stated that the procedures for the Moscow and Brussels offices, which were established for both tourism and economic relations, have been completed and said: “Our promotion and economic cooperation offices in China, the USA and Germany will also come to life once the pandemic subsides. Thus, we will attract both tourists and investments to İzmir. We will organize the World Union of Municipalities Culture Summit, one of the most important cultural events in the world, in Izmir in 2021. The world's leading cultural producers, artists and opinion leaders will come to İzmir and get to know our city and our culture. This summit will be a springboard in realizing our bigger goals, for example making İzmir the European Capital of Culture. The right to organize Terra Madre, the world's largest food and gastronomy fair, in Anatolia for the first time, is given to İzmir. kazanwe nagged. We will have the opportunity to introduce our flavors and agricultural products to tens of thousands of guests from over 2022 countries at the Terra Madre, Mother Earth Food Festival, which we will organize in 100.”

2026 Botanic EXPO in Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer announced a news that is of great importance in terms of introducing Izmir to the world for the first time at the meeting. Soyer said, “We will organize the 2026 Botanic EXPO in İzmir. Botanical Expo will make a great contribution to both the development and international recognition of our city, while igniting the ornamental plants sector in our city. "Botanic Expo will be an important milestone on the way to 2030 World Expo."

We built trust in the West and the East

Mayor Soyer also noted the following regarding the municipality's success in the financial field: “We had an intense working period with International Financial Institutions and we achieved very concrete results. Thus, we both increased and diversified our resources, which enabled huge infrastructure investments. For the first time in İzmir history, we received investment from institutions such as the Black Sea Development Bank. The investment we received from the Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank for the construction of the Narlıdere Metro was the first infrastructure resource given to any municipality in the world by the bank. In this way, our municipality can trust not only the Western world, but also the Asian resources. kazanit's gone. This trust we have created provides dynamism to our economic sectors. kazannagged.”

We are İzmir ...

In the last part of his speech, President Soyer drew attention to the injustice and exploitation of labor prevailing in the world. Stating that humanity has to face these two realities, Soyer concluded his speech with the following words: “We will increase prosperity in İzmir with ports, technology, democracy, agriculture and tourism… On the other hand, we will continue to fight against this injustice, injustice, lawlessness, poverty and division. . Be sure kazanwe will. We will achieve this together. Because we all exist together and we need each other. We are actually Izmir together. Together we will find ways to live together in peace and love, we will either find a way or make a way. You will see, we will, because this is our common destiny. We are capable of it. I mean, we are Izmir.”

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer also tasted the first Izmir mozzarella made from the milk of buffaloes, which he donated to women producers in order to revive the water buffalo breeding in Selçuk, on the stage after his protection. After the meeting, the guests were served İzmir Mozerella.

550 Days Exhibition can be visited until December 31st

Following the presentation of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, the exhibition was visited in chronological order of the prominent projects of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality since 31 March 2019. 550 Days Exhibition, which includes photographs, images and videos, will be open to visitors until 31 December 2020.

Who participated?

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, his wife Neptün Soyer, his daughters Duygu and Defne, as well as CHP Deputy Chairman Ahmet Akın, CHP Party Assembly (PM) members Rıfat Nalbantoğlu and Devrim Barış Çelik, CHP İzmir MPs Sevda Erdan Kılıç, Atilla Sertel and Mahir Polat, CHP Provincial Chair Deniz Yücel, Good Party İzmir Provincial Chair Hüsmen Kırkpınar, Felicity Party İzmir Provincial Chair Mustafa Erduran, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Mustafa Özuslu, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Dr. Buğra Gökçe, district mayors, honorary consuls, managers of professional organizations and non-governmental organizations, rectors of universities in İzmir and business people attended.

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