Engineering Students' Bounty Hunter Revolt Brings Hope for the Future

Engineering Students' Bounty Hunter Revolt Brings Hope for the Future
Engineering Students' Bounty Hunter Revolt Brings Hope for the Future

The vehicle, which was developed by Sakarya University of Applied Sciences students and received 3 awards in TÜBİTAK Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle Races, draws attention as a reflection of domestic production efforts.

Revolt, which took the 48nd place among 2 teams in the qualifying tours in the races held last month at the Körfez Race Track in Kocaeli, completed the electromobile final races in the 3rd place.

Revolt took the 2nd place in the show race organized by the Ministry of Industry and Technology at Intercity Istanbul Park, and ranked 3rd in the Domestic Product Incentive in the technical design, development and promotion reports prepared by the university and submitted to TÜBİTAK.

The vehicle, which was designed locally in one year with the contribution of academicians and 18 students in the departments of Mechatronics, Electrical Electronics, Mechanical, Metallurgy and Materials Engineering of the university, has also inspired engineering students.

"We combine knowledge with skill" understanding

SUBU Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Sarıbıyık told Anadolu Agency correspondent that the development of countries depends on qualified design and production, and that these can be developed by qualified manpower.

Stating that the university is working with the motto “We combine knowledge with skill”, Sarıbıyık said, “Our vehicle, which entered the competition at the Gulf Track within the scope of TEKNOFEST, was awarded the third place, and at the same time, it received the third prize in terms of localization. The fact that the vehicle has reached more than 90 percent localization has become an indication that we are integrating knowledge and skill. We have produced this vehicle as a result of the work of our students and academic colleagues as a team. " he spoke.

Kenan Sofuoğlu also supported students

Explaining that the design and production of the vehicle from electronic management to bodywork system, electric motor was completely carried out by SUBU team, Saribıyık, Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, T3 Foundation Board of Trustees Chairman Selçuk Bayraktar and TÜBİTAK President Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal stated that the vehicle was awarded in the competitions held with the participation of him.

Sarıbıyık thanked those who gave their hearts and contributed to the work and said, “There were those who supported the construction of the vehicle. Tactically, we received intellectual support from our AK Party Sakarya Deputy Kenan Sofuoğlu. We had the opportunity to test our vehicle on his race track. The tactic that Sofuoğlu gave us as a motor racer was important. This team members liked it very much. " used the expressions.

"We can produce the electric motor of our domestic car"

Research Assistant Dr. Mücahit Soyaslan pointed out that electric motor design is a long process.

Stating that they first determined the needs of the vehicle, Soyaslan gave the following information: “After determining how much power and torque we need at which load, how much slope, we started with the external dimensioning of the electric motor design. Then we moved on to detailed analysis studies. This was a long process. We designed and manufactured our engine with 91 percent efficiency in the end with analytical analysis, electromagnetic analysis, then thermal and mechanical analysis. We actually built a small-scale domestic car. The domestic automobile is also a large scale version of this. We can easily design and manufacture the electric motor of our domestic car. Currently, we have this experience in our country. "

The goal of the students is to be able to work in the TOGG project

Muhammet Eyüp Can, team captain of the team, explained that the group has an engine, battery management system, charging system, and composite material unit.

Stating that they started the construction process of the vehicle with 48 friends and they were working with 18 friends due to the pandemic, Can said: “Our goal was to enter the top three and we succeeded. We put a lot of effort into it. Our main purpose here is; To be able to contribute a little bit to the National Technology Move. It was a difficult process but it was good. We are very proud and honored to be rewarded for this effort. We can make basic sub parts. We can make the engine, our motor driver, our vehicle control system as in a normal vehicle, although it is not very professional, we can make our vehicle. If given the opportunity, we can start this business with our friends. Our main goal is; to work in the domestic vehicle TOGG project. "

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