Minister Pekcan: 'We Expect Serious Increase in Automotive Exports'

Minister Pekcan: 'We Expect Serious Increase in Automotive Exports'
Minister Pekcan: 'We Expect Serious Increase in Automotive Exports'

Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan stated that the first recovery in automotive exports was seen in September this year and said, “This gives us positive signals. From now on, we expect serious increases in the exports of our automotive industry, together with the main and sub-industries. " said.

Minister Pekcan attended the Germany Automotive Digital Sectoral Trade Delegation Program via video conferencing. Stating that they have realized the 16th sectoral trade delegation in virtual environment with the organization since May, Pekcan said that they have completed 9 general qualified trade delegation programs. Reminding that they organized general and sectoral virtual trade delegations with 33 countries, Pekcan said, “Since May, we have held over 4 thousand 200 business meetings. I hope our automotive sector will be added to this figure. " he spoke. Pekcan informed that they organized 4 virtual fairs and Special Qualified Procurement Committees for 9 different countries besides trade delegations, and stated that companies were highly interested in virtual trade and achieved very successful results.

"One of Germany's biggest trade partners"

Germany is one of Turkey's largest trading partners stressed Pekcan, this country that last year made 16,6 billion dollars of exports and imports of $ 19,2 billion, it said that there performed.
Pekcan pointed out that with the effect of the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic, exports to Germany decreased by 9 percent in 2019 months of the year compared to the same period of 8,6, and in September, exports to this country were 10,6 percent on an annual basis and 25,3 percent on a monthly basis, Noted that it increased by XNUMX.

Noting that the share of the automotive main industry in total exports to Germany is 10 percent and the share of the sub-industry is 16 percent, Pekcan made the following assessment: “In the 9 months of this year, the automotive main industry exports to Germany decreased by 20,2 percent and reached 906 million dollars. . In the automotive supplier industry, we realized an export of 1,6 billion dollars. There is a 19 percent decrease in the supplier industry, but we also import a lot from Germany in the automotive sector. Especially when we look at the January-September period, last year imports were 683 million dollars, but this year the figure reached 1 billion 475 million dollars. "

Pekcan emphasized that automotive imports from Germany increased by 9 percent on an annual basis and reached 115 billion 1 million dollars in 475 months, “When we compare only September, we see that our automotive imports from Germany increased by 128 percent. I expect our exporters to reach these rates. Our exports should increase at least at that rate. " used the expressions.

Pointing out that these numbers are below the potential even under epidemic conditions, Pekcan said, "We anticipate that our exporters and our industry will increase their export figures with the percentage increases in imports." said.

"There is a minimal recovery in exports"

Pekcan stated that according to the data of the European Automobile Manufacturers Association, the European Union passenger car market shrank by 9 percent in the 28,8-month period, “In September, it increased by 3,1 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. With the expansion in September, the automotive industry became the first sector to expand on an annual basis. " shared his knowledge. Reminding that the first recovery in automotive exports was seen in September this year, Pekcan said:
“We saw an increase of around 0,5 percent compared to September of last year, albeit minimal, but this corresponds to an increase of around 82,5 percent compared to the previous month. This gives us positive signals. At least from now on, we expect serious increases in the exports of our automotive industry, together with the main and sub-industries. It is important that we export different product items to a country such as Germany, which has one of the deepest markets in the world in the automotive sector, and we can increase our market share, especially in technologically high quality products.

"Germany will continue to be one of our most strategic markets"

"As Turkey, we have a goal to get more active role in the global supply chain in the future. We have the infrastructure to achieve this. Pekcan stated that Germany will continue to be one of the most strategic markets. Minister Pekcan stated that as the ministry, they will continue to stand by exporters with state support in exports and continued as follows: “With our support of Global Supply Chain, we support our companies operating in the automotive, defense, aviation and machinery sectors to take place in the supply pools of product manufacturing companies. In this context, we support obtaining machine equipment, hardware, software, quality certificate certificates that our companies need. The fact that there are 84 automotive sector companies among 40 companies that have benefited from the support within the scope of Global Supply Chain supports up to now shows the importance of these supports.

Pekcan invited all companies to benefit from state supports in exports and noted that there are attractive supports for companies of all sizes. Reminding that they launched the Easy Export Platform as of the end of August, Pekcan said, "We will be sharing the importer information in the relevant countries in the second phase of the platform, which we plan to complete before the end of the year. used the expressions.

"As of October 18, our export data are extremely positive"

Ministers Pekcan, noting that living one of its most difficult periods of the recent history of the global economy, he said: "In spite of all these circumstances, despite our economic contraction in the main export markets, this process in Turkey will overcome the least damage compared to other countries and will be one of the fastest will survive the recovery of our country we predict. Among the OECD countries, the OECD report published on September 16 in China and the country will close the least damage after South Korea and Turkey said. "

Pointing out that there are strong signs of recovery in certain leading indicators for foreign trade, Pekcan emphasized that exports increased by 4,8 percent on an annual basis and 5,9 percent excluding gold in September.
Pekcan pointed out that the ratio of exports excluding gold to imports reached 90,9 percent in September, “Our data as of October 18 is extremely positive. The ratio of exports to imports is 95,7 percent, excluding gold, 104,5 percent. " said.

Emphasizing that these indicators are very positive in terms of rapid recovery and growth in the third quarter, Pekcan made the following assessment: “We believe that we will achieve the fastest recovery possible depending on the process of decreasing the pandemic and taking it under full control. Turkey, despite everything, a certain resistance, in accordance with its powerful potential, is to continue the path behind their target and will. In this direction, our exporters have great responsibilities. For this purpose, we are with all our exporters. "

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