Mersin Adana Gaziantep High Speed ​​Train Tenders Continue

Mersin Adana Gaziantep High Speed ​​Train Tenders Continue
Mersin Adana Gaziantep High Speed ​​Train Tenders Continue

The 2020rd Term Provincial Coordination Board Meeting of 3, where the general evaluation of the public investment activities carried out in Gaziantep and the latest status of the ongoing projects were discussed, was chaired by Governor Davut Gül. Noting that huge investments have been made here in Gaziantep, Governor Gül said that there are currently 511 projects underway.

Governor Gül, who made evaluations with the members of the coordination board at the meeting that started with the presentations of institutions and organizations in the Metropolitan Municipality Onat Kutlar Hall, said, “The total value of the ongoing projects is 18.524.054.000 TL, the total expenditure made until this period is 5.281.965.000 TL, the allowance for 2020 is 2.450.649.000. XNUMX TL. This allowance will be fully spent by the end of the year ”.

Providing information about the ongoing works from education to health and transportation, Governor Gül said, “Although our city hospital is delayed, it continues in its own process. We have 7 hospitals in the city hospital. When these are completed, Gaziantep will have 7 additional hospitals. Our health infrastructure will be strengthened significantly. The airport will be completed in 2021, with both the new terminal building and the additional taxi runway car park. "The terminal building will be completed before, and the taxi runway will be completed 6 months after it."

Mersin-Adana-Gaziantep high speed train

Governor Gül said, “The part of the Mersin-Adana-Gaziantep high-speed train, which was reflected in the public opinion about fifteen and twenty days ago, was related to the superstructure tender, the infrastructure tender was already made, the tenders are currently ongoing. These will be completed within their own calendar program, ”he said.

Gaziantep-Nizip-Karkamış-Nurdağı Road Construction Works

Governor Gül, who also made statements about the road construction works in the provinces and districts, said, “The Nizip-Gaziantep road will be completed by the end of this year, two departures and two arrivals. Birecik part will continue after Nizip. It is also very important in terms of connecting the Nizip-Karkamış road to customs. Its construction continues as a divided road and hot asphalt. By the beginning of 2022, it will be completely finished after about a year and a half. The Nurdağı road was on the program last year, its projects are being carried out and the tender for this road will be realized within the next year. When things start, they are completed sooner or later within a certain calendar. Again, Gaziray, which our Metropolitan Municipality made with the Ministry of State Railways and Transport, proceeds rapidly, there is no problem. They make drinking water together with DSI, and there is no problem with it, ”he said.


Stating that half of the 4 thousand classrooms under construction in the National Education have been completed and put into the service of citizens and students, Gül said, “The construction of 2 thousand classrooms continues, a significant part of them will be completed within six months. In 2021, we will have new schools that are included in the program from the Ministry of National Education and the schools we will build with the philanthropists will start. "Every school and classroom built makes us a little more comfortable in every respect."

Mask, Distance, Cleaning rules are vital

Emphasizing that it is important for citizens to pay attention to masks, distance and cleanliness rules during the pandemic process, which affects the whole world and our country, Gül continued as follows:

“We are in the pandemic process, we have a lot of work to do during this period. But the most important job is to protect our personnel. If we protect our staff while doing business, we will already be protecting our citizens. In this respect, the circulars written, the instructions received are certain, and it is necessary to apply them as much as possible. It is especially important that the spaces are ventilated, our citizens are not in the offices intensely, and our officers do not sit and chat with each other without masks. The tea and coffee issue was completely removed by the circular. As public officials, it means that we obey the pandemic rules as much as possible in the places we work, in the places we live and in our family life, in fact, it means protecting ourselves in a sense.

Open Tender Method in Tenders

Finally, referring to the tender method, Gül stated that the open tender method is used in the tenders and that other methods are used only in necessary cases and that the tenders are published on the official website of the Governorship of Gaziantep.

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