Free Training for Civil Servant Candidates

Free Training for Civil Servant Candidates
Free Training for Civil Servant Candidates

The 'General retraining camp' organized by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality for high school and associate degree graduates who will take the KPSS exam started with intense participation.

'High School and Associate Degree KPSS General Repeat Camp', which was organized for the first time in Bursa by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality with the contributions of Pegem Academy, started at Tayyare Cultural Center. Approximately 260 young people attend the camp, where Pegem Academy instructors will teach citizenship, geography and history for 3 days. Candidates, who will take the associate degree exam on October 25 and KPSS exams for high school graduates on November 22, will have the opportunity to receive face-to-face support from experts on their issues.

"You must have a goal"

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who attended the opening program of the 'General Re-Training Camp', wished success to those who will take the exam. Stating that all young people have dreams and hopes for the future, Mayor Aktaş stated that the Metropolitan Municipality contributed to this vision in order to shed light on this vision. Underlining that municipal management is not only to build roads and green spaces, Mayor Aktaş said, “The most important issues that make Bursa special is its culture, art and ancient history. We are doing important work and supporting on these issues. Of course, we have been going through a difficult process for 7-8 months. The difficult process may continue for a while. However, life goes on. There are exams ahead of us. I wish you all success in advance. Everyone should have a goal. We need young and dynamic friends in order for the country to reach better tomorrows and for the public to take more important steps. Your goals never end. I also took the Ales exam after the age of 40 and completed my master's degree. After the exam, you should take your graduations one step further ”.

Stating that there is no reason for people not to improve themselves, Mayor Aktaş said, “We prepared this camp for undergraduate students, inspired by the intensive training camp we held 2 weeks before the exam in August. Citizenship, geography and history lessons will be given to prepare for this exam. I would like to thank Pegem Academy, which is our stakeholder in the training, for its contribution. If you are excited, there is no reason why you cannot be successful. I hope your dreams will come true as soon as possible ”.

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