Kanuni Drilling Ship Opens to the Black Sea in 2021

Kanuni Drilling Ship Opens to the Black Sea in 2021
Photo: Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources

Fatih Dönmez, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, stated that the Kanuni drill ship will start its activities in the first months of 2021, and said, “Thus, Fatih will now work with Kanuni in the Black Sea”.

Dönmez toured the Filyos Project site, which was planned during the reign of Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid II and started to be constructed in 2, in Filyos town of Çaycuma district, with Deputy Minister Alparslan Bayraktar, TPAO General Manager Melih Han Bilgin and BOTAŞ General Manager Burhan Özcan and his work in the project area. he studied.

Dönmez, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey on August 21, stating that the history of the largest natural gas discovery announced to the public that perform in the Black Sea, recalled that 320 billion cubic meters of natural gas reserves.

Dönmez said that on that day, there were several layers below, except for the first and second layers, and that the amount of natural gas could be revised upwards depending on the situation after the works were completed, “At the moment, the drilling work in the third and fourth layers has been completed, and the testing is ongoing. We will complete the test work in the next 1-2 weeks. Then hopefully, according to the results, we will share an additional discovery with our citizens, if any. We are hopeful, we said it that day, and today we maintain our same position; I hope new good news will come. " used the expressions.

"We are working to bring Black Sea gas to our citizens in 2023"

Dönmez stated that the Kanuni drill ship was included in the fleet this year and that the reactivation process continued in preparation for new operations in Mersin Taşucu.

“I hope he will anchor from there on October 10 and arrive at Haydarpaşa Port. Tower dismantling will be done here. We have 3 bridges in the Bosphorus, we need to dismantle the tower in order to pass under the bridges. It will be transferred to Filyos Port at the end of November. Here we expect the tower to be assembled and maintained again. Hopefully, it will start its first operation in the first months of next year. Thus, Fatih will now work with Kanuni in the Black Sea. I hope we are doing the necessary work to bring Black Sea gas to our citizens in 2023. "

"Wide industrial zone planning was made in Filyos Project"

Speaking about the Filyos Project, which is under construction in the city, Minister Dönmez said that the project was planned as one of the mega logistics centers of the government in the Western Black Sea region.

Emphasizing that Filyos will not only serve as a port, it will also enable companies that will produce medium and high technology, Dönmez said, “Not only port services, but also for companies that will make medium and high technology productions by declaring a private industrial zone in this region. industrial zone planning was made. " said.

Dönmez said that they made field inspections with the officials from both the Ministry of Industry and Technology and the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, and continued as follows:

“As you know, Fatih Drilling Ship had a discovery on 21 August. Of course, our ship continues its activities 150-160 kilometers from here, but it needs significant support to continue its activities. In this respect, coastal logistics centers are of great importance for these operations. The fact that Filyos now has such an opportunity has enabled us to make these services easier and more economical.

When it was decided to start the work in the Black Sea, our team had already come to Filyos and examined the work here on site. Work started on May 7, and we completed the installation of the logistics center on July 1. As you know, our Fatih drilling ship started its first drilling at the point we now call Sakarya Gas Field, as of July 15-20. We provide logistical support for the services related to the drilling of Fatih drilling ship from where we are currently located. Of course, occupational health and safety and compliance with environmental standards are extremely important in such centers. We are doing an operation here in accordance with international standards. "

"Filyos Port work has come to an end"

Dönmez pointed out that with the arrival of the Kanuni drill ship to the region in the coming months, the density in Filyos Port will be higher, and stated that the work on the port has come to an end.

Stating that they are currently using a part of the port, and that the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure will start to provide other services, Dönmez said, “One of the advantages of the port for us is that; The depth is quite high, 19 meters, the draft of our drilling ships is quite high, these are very large ships. Having a port with these features for the maintenance of the ships and their refueling will make our job extremely easy. " used the expressions.

"Our righteousness is registered"

Turkey and Libya, between the sea and the jurisdiction of the United Nations agreement that specifies the (UN) by Dönmez Referring to unregistered rights, the policies in favor of law and justice, has long been both on the field and also said that they said that they defend with all dimensions on the table.

Emphasizing that this registration process actually adds strength to their policies, Dönmez said, “It has registered our righteousness. Hopefully, we will continue our efforts in the Mediterranean by continuing our search for a solution in favor of dialogue within the framework of rights, laws and interests, as stated by our esteemed President. " said. (energy.gov.tr)

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