Seed Cotton Premium Increased by 1,1 Lira per Kilogram

Seed Cotton Premium Increased by 1,1 Lira per Kilogram
Seed Cotton Premium Increased by 1,1 Lira per Kilogram

Participating in the "Feed Crops Seed Distribution Program" held in Izmir, Dr. Bekir Pakdemirli said that they increased the seed cotton premium by 37,5% to 1,1 lira per kilogram.

In his speech in the program, Minister Pakdemirli emphasized that he is very happy to initiate an important project that will strengthen production and support our farmers. “Seed is the beginning. The first link of the food chain, the basis of biological and cultural diversity; The big world is hidden in a small seed grain. The first word of agricultural production and the main story of sustainability begins with "seed". The place where the economy and industry begins is the seed, ”he said.


Underlining that in order to bring our food safety to a more robust structure in the future, Pakdemirli underlined that we have to make our plans about seeds correctly and implement them quickly and effectively:

“As you know, international seed trade; It showed significant increases in the last 50 years. In fact, between 1970 and 2016, there was a 12-fold increase in international seed trade. We couldn't stay behind that. Therefore, in the last 18 years, by following the specialization in seed production and developments in seed production technology, we have kept our country's "nationalism and indigenousness in seed" issue on our agenda. Here once again I say that proudly, Turkey; It is a country that produces its own seeds. It is one of the top 10 countries in the world in seed trade. The country that produces 96% of its total seed need domestically and exports to 86 countries; Turkey. With the support of over 18 Billion Liras we have given in the last 2 years; our seed production increased 7 times and our seed export increased 9 times "


Minister Pakdemirli emphasized that forage plants are one of the cheapest food sources in the development and sustainability of our livestock farming, “Forage plants do not only meet the nutritional needs of animals, they also increase the yield of the products that come after them by conserving soil and water. A profitable production in livestock is possible, of course, by reducing input costs. In this context, as the Ministry; We provide significant support to forage crop cultivation in order to increase the cultivation areas of forage crops in our country, to meet our roughage needs from domestic sources, to increase silage production, and to obtain cheaper and higher quality feed. Within the scope of support for forage crops; 18 years ago, we increased the support amount from 216 Million Lira on 36 thousand hectares to 2019 Million Lira in 1 Million Hectare area in 786. In the last 18 years, we have achieved a significant increase in forage crop production by making a total support payment of 7 Billion Lira. Thus, forage crop cultivation area tripled, reaching 3 million hectares. Our roughage production increased by 2,3 times to 2 million tons. We update the amount of support for forage crops every year, taking into account the costs ”.


Underlining that they are here today, 75 percent of which is within the scope of our Ministry's Additive Feed Plant Seed Distribution project, Pakdemirli continued his words as follows:

“This project has two pillars. Located in the first pillar; In the interim period between cotton planting and autumn cotton harvest until spring planting, we are starting to implement the 75% grant seed support project from İzmir for the widespread use of annual forage crops. We will distribute 243 tons of Vetch seeds and 14.564 tons of Oat seeds to 218 producers in Aliağa, Bergama, Çiğli, Dikili, Foça, Menemen, Kınık, Selçuk, Tire and Ödemiş districts to be sown on 72 decares of land. Alper variety vetch seed and Yellow variety oat seed we distribute; These are the varieties developed by our Aegean Agricultural Research Institute. Therefore, our domestic and national seeds; The seeds developed by egenin meet with the lands of egenin. Of course, we will implement this important project, 75% of which is grant, in 13 provinces besides İzmir, on a total area of ​​210 thousand decares.

The second leg is; Within the scope of Improving the Production of Meadow-Pasture and Forage Crops; 75% is a grant seed support project for the spread of annual and perennial forage crop cultivation in fallow or empty agricultural lands. This project with a total cost of 25 Million Lira; It will be implemented in a total of 50 thousand decares in 290 provinces. Within the scope of these two projects, we aim to provide additional added value to our country by producing on a total of 1 million decares of land.


Stating that he wanted to give an important good news to our cotton producers from İzmir in his speech, Minister Pakdemirli said, “Cotton is an important raw material of the textile industry. Our country; A country that has a voice in the world with its high quality textile products that it produces and exports. Our country is one of the important cotton production centers of the world. We rank 6th in the world in cotton production and 3rd in yield. Thanks to the successful policies and supports we have implemented in the last 18 years, seed cotton yield has increased by 40% per decare and reached 500 kilograms. With the good news I will announce today, we aim to increase both production and efficiency. As you know, premium support in cotton was 80 kuruş per kilogram. As a result of the requests from our producers and the detailed analysis we made, we increased the seed cotton premium by 37,5% to 1,1 Lira per kilogram. In addition, we will pay 1,23 Lira per kilogram to cotton producers, along with diesel and fertilizer support. "Good luck," he said.

Stating that they paid the highest amount of support to cotton farmers among the diesel and fertilizer supports and premium supports, Minister Pakdemirli completed his words by saying, "As the Ministry, we have always been with our producers, and we will continue to do so".

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