The Tunnel Connecting Kızılcahamam to Çerkeş Has Reached Its Last Stage

Kızılcahaman Tunnel Works Ended
Kızılcahaman Tunnel Works Ended

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Adil Karaismailoğlu, stated that the work on the Kahramankazan road is continuing and said, “Our other ongoing intersection works will be completed as soon as possible and this road will be offered to the service of our citizens of Ankara and Kahramankazanlı”. Minister Karaismailoğlu stated that Kızılcahaman Tunnel works have come to an end and that the tunnel will be opened to the service of the citizen before the end of November.

Adil Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, was in Kahramankazan today to examine the construction works of the Ankara-Kahramankazan road. Stating that they are continuing their work without slowing down, Minister Karaismailoğlu gave the following words to the journalists:

“There is a feverish work on this 28-kilometer road. The intersection we are in now is planned to be completed within the next month. Our other ongoing intersection works will be completed as soon as possible, and this road will soon be available to our citizens of Ankara and Kahramankazan.

One of the most important intersections in this region is the Palace Junction. We also programmed it with our friends. We will travel there as soon as possible to start and finish in a short time. "

Work on the 2071-meter-long Kizilcahamam Tunnel has reached the final stage

Informing about the Kızılcamam Tunnel, another important project in the region, Minister Karaismailoğlu stated that the work is at the final stage. Stating that they will put the Kızılcahamam Tunnel at the service of the citizens before the end of November, Minister Karaismailoğlu said, “One of the important projects concerning the region is the Kızılcahamam Tunnel. The tunnel connecting Kızılcahamam to Çerkeş. Work has reached the final stage in this 2071 meter long tunnel. We are currently doing fine work. Before the end of November, that is, before the winter comes and the harsh winter conditions begin, we will put the Kızılcahamam Tunnel into the service of our citizens. We will be with you for the opening of the rate next month. We work on big projects that add value to our country. We are working hard to finish them as soon as possible and bring them to the economy of our country. After these projects are completed, we will plan our new projects together with our valuable members of parliament and local administrators. ''

"Turkey's labor with tens of thousands of people we work around"

Turkey in every aspect of transportation, infrastructure, telecommunications and continue the transfer of Karaismailoğlu very important space project, the project's responsibility to make the world take the sample said they were aware. Turkey around the worker, engineer, contractor along with tens of thousands of people to the labor consumables they underlined the Minister Karaismailoğlu the words continued as follows:

“We were in Mardin and Hakkari last week. We were in Artvin the other day. We are also in Ankara today. We have very important and valuable projects in every part of our country. All of them are doing to improve the quality of life and living standards of our nation. We work with all our team to add value to our country in terms of economy, trade and tourism. We are doing similar projects in Hakkari and Istanbul. "

AK Party Ankara deputies Emrullah İşler, Zeynep Yıldız, Orhan Yegin and Kahramankazan Mayor Serhat Oğuz attended Karaismailoğlu.


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