19 Lira Diesel and Fertilizer Support per Decare to Kiwi Growers

19 Lira Diesel and Fertilizer Support per Decare to Kiwi Growers
19 Lira Diesel and Fertilizer Support per Decare to Kiwi Growers

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Bekir Pakdemirli attended the Kiwi Harvest Ceremony in Yalova. Ministers Pakdemirli, Turkey is in a fertile region and said that production and harvesting conducted in four seasons.

Stating that Yalova, which is a small city in terms of area but a big name in agriculture, is a brand in many products from kiwi to ornamental plants, from fruit production to vegetables, Pakdemirli said: “In fact, 15% of its area, that is, 119 thousand decares, is agricultural land. However, our producers from Yalova have increased their crop production value by 18 times to 7 million lira in the last 309 years by using this agricultural area in the best and most accurate way. Annual Yalova third in Turkey with the production of ornamental plants of up to 160 million units. Ornamental plants provide an annual added value of 450 million lira to Yalova. The value of animal production, on the other hand, has reached 18 million lira, doubling in the last 2 years.

Minister Pakdemirli underlined that they have paid 18 million lira in support and invested in Yalova in the last 400 years.

Turkey is the world's richest countries in biodiversity with someone voicing Pakdemirli, "Kiwi also in hundreds of products that grow in this region. Kiwi production in the world; about 4 million tons! Our country, on the other hand, has become one of the few producers in the world with kiwi production on an area of ​​approximately 31 thousand decares. In the last 18 years, our kiwi production has increased by a record 30 times, from 2.500 to 74 tons. Our Yalova, it is the first in Turkey with annual production of 25 thousand tons of kiwi. " He used his expressions.

Stating that kiwi production is carried out on an area of ​​6 thousand 300 decares in Yalova and that it is a source of income for 2 thousand families, Pakdemirli said that the farmers from Yalova contributed to the country's economy by exporting kiwi for 2019 million dollars in 3.

Minister Pakdemirli said that the Digital Agricultural Market (DITAP), which they put into use this year, is an important project that includes many factors such as contractual production, price stability, removal of intermediaries, and reducing costs, “In order for you to find a market for your product at a value price and to get the reward of your hard labor, here, I invite all our producers to become a member of DITAP. " Said.


Pakdemirli stated that as the ministry, they provide significant support for the development of kiwi production and the increase in the added value in kiwi.

“We provide a total of 19 TL diesel-fertilizer support per decare to kiwi producers. In addition, we provide 10 TL solid organic-organomineral fertilizer support per decare, organic agriculture and good agriculture support between 20 and 40 TL. We also support the establishment of new gardens in kiwi production. For this purpose, we support 100 TL per decare in gardens established with the use of standard saplings and 280 TL for the use of certified saplings. Within the scope of small family business support, we provide 100 TL per decare. In addition to these, we also offer serious grant opportunities for the processing, marketing and storage investments of the kiwis produced. To date, we have provided 13 million TL grant support for a total of 16 projects, including 29 cold storage depots and 8,2 processing, packaging and packaging. In addition, Ziraat Bank and Agricultural Credit Cooperatives provide financing to our kiwi producers and the sector with low-interest investment and business loans. In addition, in order to protect our farmers from natural disasters, we support 50% of the policy under TARSİM as the state. We also increase the policy support rate if the producer is young and female. "

Stating that the continued R & D efforts in the cultivation of kiwi in the Ministry Pakdemirli, in this context, Turkey's first indigenous varieties of kiwi "İlkalt" and "Kemalbey" said the kiwi was registered varieties.

Explaining that the first phase of the grant program of 500 decares of kiwi orchard establishment in Çınarcık district in order to improve kiwi production will begin today, Pakdemirli stated that they will provide 1 thousand lira grant support for kiwi gardens to be established on 65 decares.

Explaining their work within the scope of the Fruit Growing Development Project, Pakdemirli said, “We will provide 315 sapling grant support by adding 120 decares to the 6.000 decares of Persimmon orchards we established earlier in the autumn period. Thus, in the last 4 years, we will have increased the persimmon orchards by 435 decares. We will establish a walnut garden on an area of ​​5.000 decares with the support of 200 saplings. We will increase the walnut garden area within the scope of this project to 514 decares. We are developing the cultivation of the Aronia fruit, which is known as a health fruit and has a high economic value. I hope we will establish a new Aronya garden with the distribution of 5.100 saplings. We are establishing a new strawberry field by distributing 115 thousand strawberry seedlings. He spoke.

Minister Pakdemirli said that they will provide an additional income of approximately 5 million TL to the local people with an investment of approximately 18 million TL in the forestry field in Yalova this year.

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