Coastal Fortification on the Blackwater River Tender Result

TCDD 4 Regional Directorate Coastal Fortification on the shore of Karasu River between Km: 987 + 400-Km: 988 + 000 Tender Result

TCDD 4th Regional Directorate (TCDD) 2020th Regional Directorate (TCDD) TCDD 443782 Regional Directorate with an approximate cost of 1.474.683,26 TL with 4/987 KIK number, Between Km:400+988-Km:000+58 Coastal Fortification Work on the Karasu River Shore 1.014.513,25 companies submitted bids for the tender and GÖKADA MÜHENDİSLİK İNŞAAT AŞ with a bid of XNUMX TL. kazanis gone. 23 firm participating in the tender submitted a bid below the limit value.

The tender covers the excavation of the foundations of the Underwater Box Culvert, Gido, Spur, Stone Filling and Fortification Works, and the transportation of 4.500,000 m3 of stone at every depth of 13877 m3 of All Types and Classes. The duration of the work is 150 (Hundred and Fifty) calendar days from the place delivery.

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