Jeep Compass 4x in Turkey

Jeep Compass 4x in Turkey
Jeep Compass 4x in Turkey

Our most important player in the last quarter due to the impact of the Compass, the Jeep brand realized in Turkey by signing the best sales numbers, we want to break our own record "in the description found

Emphasizing that they are the premium brand that increased their sales the most in the first 9 months of the year, Jeep Brand Director Özgür Süslü said, “In the difficult conditions of 2020, we achieved 9 sales with 164 percent growth in the first 3 months. In addition to the strong image of the Jeep brand, the success of our products and the high service quality of our sales and service network have been effective behind our success. We increased our sales target, which we set as 102 thousand units at the beginning of the year, to 4 thousand units. Our most important player in the last quarter due to the impact of the Compass, the Jeep brand realized in Turkey by signing the best sales numbers, we want to break our own record, "he said. Süslü reminds that there are many models in the brand's future product plan; He stated that they are taking firm steps towards becoming the fourth brand that exceeded their sales target of 6 thousand units in the premium market with a product range consisting only of SUVs in 2022.

Özgür Süslü also mentioned in his speech that Jeep is the leading brand of FCA in electrification. Adding that the Compass 4xe symbolizes a new technology and at the same time the transformation of the brand, Süslü said, “The Compass 4xe offers the option of driving electric in the city and 4X4 in hybrid terrain on long roads. Compass 4xe, an economical, environmentally friendly and performance SUV with zero emission, provides a rechargeable hybrid power-transfer solution by further enhancing the legendary off-road skills that make up the DNA of the Jeep brand. "We will continue our hybrid attack, which started with the Jeep Compass 4Xe, which we introduced to the market as of this month, with models that will be added to our product range in the coming years." Stating that they have gradually established charging units at all sales and service points starting this year, Süslü ended his words by stating that they continue to work to provide the best service to Jeep customers.

Green hybrid engine

Compass 1.3xe with a 180 liter engine and 4 HP six-speed automatic transmission; With a 60 HP electric motor positioned at the rear, it reaches a total power of 240 HP. The Compass 4xe can also offer fully electric driving thanks to its 60 kWh battery, paired with a 11.4 HP electromotor on the rear axle. The 400 Volt lithium-ion cobalt-nickel manganese / graphite battery is positioned under the second row of seats to protect it from external factors. The battery is placed in a special protective enclosure and is supported by a heating and cooling circuit for best performance. The new Jeep Compass 4xe offers an ideal structure for daily urban use with its 50 km driving range in fully electric driving mode. Offering superior fuel efficiency, Compass 4xe provides approximately 2,1 lt / 100 km consumption in hybrid mode and shows its environmental awareness with less than 50 g / km CO2 emission.

The high torque value produced by the electric powertrain and the ability to adjust it extremely precisely provides superior all-wheel drive capability in all terrain conditions. The gasoline engine produces 270 Nm of torque, while the electric motor delivers 263 Nm of torque. The electric motor not only contributes to the traction power, but also converts the energy generated during braking into electrical energy. Completing 0-100 km / h acceleration in 7.5 seconds, the vehicle reaches a maximum speed of 200 km / h in hybrid mode and 130 km / h in full electric driving. For the vehicle's battery, which can be charged while driving or parking, different solutions such as easyWallbox or more advanced Connected are also offered.

Rich interior equipment

The new hybrid Compass 4xe features full LED headlights and Bi-Xenon headlights as standard, while a rich color range is available. Three special colors are offered, namely White, Ice gray, Granite gray, Jetset blue, Shadow blue, Italian blue, Colorado red, Sting gray, Carbon black, three layers of Ivory, Italy Blue and Techno Green. The very special equipment of the Jeep 4xe Compass makes the vehicle the most technological Jeep model ever produced. The 7-inch TFT color display and the 8.4-inch touchscreen Uconnect NAV, Apple CarPlay, feature enriches the cabin. Users can also access specific information for electric driving on the 8.4 ”touch screen. A new six-speed automatic transmission gear lever in the cockpit and the Selec-Terrain Surface selection system, updated with eAWD modes, increase the pleasure of driving. Users thus; With its 4WD Lock, 4WD Low, Hill Descent Assist System, it can adapt the Auto, Sport, Snow, Sand / Mud and Rock modes to the driving conditions, which are suitable for different surfaces, bringing more precise throttle and steering responses. Black bezels decorate the ventilation grille, speaker and center console in the S trim version, while red bezels come into play in the Trailhawk version. The Jeep Compass 4xe also provides 428 liters of luggage capacity.

Outstanding safety features and driving modes

4xe's rechargeable hybrid electric technology, in which comprehensive testing and development solutions are applied to ensure maximum quality, safety and comfort, further enhances the Jeep driving characteristics. Not only Auto, Sport, Snow, Sand / Mud and Rock show superior performance in harsh conditions, the models also offer superior driving pleasure in daily urban use. Thanks to its rechargeable hybrid technology, the New 4xe Compass brings the best performance and driving dynamics to its users in this context. 4xe; Collision Warning System and Lane Warning System Plus hit the roads with the most advanced ADAS systems, including front and rear parking sensors. Blind Spot Warning System, reversing camera including dynamic guide lines, automatic parking assist and keyless entry-start equipment contribute to driving safety.

New Jeep Compass 4xe users can enjoy their driving experience; It can customize it according to the driving condition, be it city uses or exciting off-road adventures where all-electric driving is ideal. Compass 4xe has three basic driving modes and road variations: Hybrid, Electric and E-Save. energy back kazanThe IM system converts kinetic energy into electrical energy in all driving modes. Regardless of the driving mode, if the battery drops to the minimum charge level, the hybrid driving mode is switched. Hybrid mode, which is activated when the vehicle is started, optimizes power and consumption and works with the highest possible efficiency. The internal combustion engine and the electric motor can work together depending on the road and driving conditions. With the battery down to the minimum charge level, the system uses the internal combustion engine for power transmission. In hybrid driving mode, the optimization algorithm (HCP) increases system efficiency by using the electric motor and internal combustion engine together according to the charge level of the battery. The HCP algorithm automatically adjusts the torque distribution between the electric motors and the internal combustion engine. In cases where the performance offered by the electric motor is not sufficient, the internal combustion engine comes into play. Driving optimization algorithm in hybrid mode; state of charge, electromotor and combustion engine efficiency maps manage the engine according to the performance requirements of the driver. Electric mode; It offers an all-electric driving range of 50 km with zero emissions. The system automatically switches to Hybrid driving mode when the battery's charge level is depleted or when the driver presses the accelerator pedal fully and reaches a speed of more than 130 km/h. The e-save mode, on the other hand, focuses on preserving battery charge or charging while driving using the internal combustion engine.

energy back kazanimi variations

Energy recovery at braking kazanimi; energy is recovered by converting the kinetic energy generated during deceleration or braking into electrical energy. kazanit provides me. E-Costing, which is active when the transmission is in the drive position; By removing the foot from the accelerator pedal, the engine brake is activated and energy is restored at the time of deceleration. kazanit provides me. Brake intensity can be activated in two different levels, white and green colors on the instrument screen. With more intensive function activation by the driver, brake energy is recovered kazanThe IM system calibration is more intense at the time of gliding, that is, when the driver is not pressing the accelerator pedal. The system then restores the standard brake energy. kazanIt slows down speed more quickly and generates more electricity to deliver to the battery kit.

Hybrid driving experience

Jeep 4xe Compass offers SUV enthusiasts the most unique driving experiences. After parking the car in the garage, the user can connect it to a normal home socket or a handy easyWallbox charger using the cable provided as standard. Using the "8.4" Touch Screen, the driver can, for example, select the most cost-effective electricity tariffs, set the charging start time and the battery charging time. For example, the driver can pre-program the operation of the air conditioner and balance the interior temperature of the vehicle before going to the vehicle on hot summer days. When the user gets in the vehicle, the smartphone connects to the Uconnect system so that different applications can be used from the vehicle's 8.4-inch touchscreen. The entire high-voltage system, including the control module and cables within the hybrid system, is very well insulated, so it is waterproof. Compass's Trailhawk version can pass through water up to 50 cm.

4xe's land skills

The Trailhawk version of the 4xe Compass demonstrates the best terrain skills in its class with values ​​such as 30.4 degrees approach angle, 33.3 degrees departure angle, 20.9 degrees break angle, 21.3 cm ground clearance. The 17-inch 235 / 60R17 M + S w / Snow tires stand up to tough terrain with special underrun protection. Introduced in Compass 4ex versions, the Jeep 4 Low system guarantees legendary Jeep off-road skills. For example, the Trailhawk 240xe, which is an off-road version with a total power of 4 HP, produces 170% higher torque compared to a 50 HP diesel Trailhawk model. Also, thanks to the new 4xe technology, the traction power of the rear axle is not provided by a shaft, but by an independent electromotor. This allows the two axles to separate and control torque independently, more effectively than a mechanical system. Thus, traction can be transmitted immediately to the rear wheels when required. The Jeep Active Drive Low works in conjunction with the Jeep Selec-Terrain traction control system with up to five driving modes. Selec-Terrain also includes the Hill Descent Control feature that supports superior off-road skills. Via Selec-Terrain, the driver can select the ideal driving mode to tackle difficult terrain conditions. Auto mode is the standard mode and provides continuous traction management in road and off-road driving. Sport mode uses both the electric motor and the internal combustion engine for sporty driving performance. Snow mode, 2. In gear take-off, Used on the road or in the field, on snow-covered surfaces with a low level of adhesion. Sand / Mud is used on surfaces with low adhesion levels such as mud or sand to provide maximum grip. The Rock mode of the 4xe Compass only available in the Trailhawk version can be used when the 4WD Low driving mode is active. The system configures the vehicle to provide maximum level of grip and steering control in order to pass over rock-derived obstacles on land surfaces with low adhesion levels and provides superior off-road performance. In addition, the Jeep Selec-Terrain system offers the ability to manage the AWD (four-wheel drive) system by combining these five driving modes with two specific off-road modes, 4WD Lock and 4WD Low. 4WD Lock activates the AWD system steadily up to 15 km / h. It keeps the rear electric motor constantly active to provide superior all-wheel drive at low speeds with a constant torque distribution between the two axles. At speeds above 15 km / h, AWD becomes optional. The full functionality of the 4xe all-wheel drive system is provided by the "Powerlooping" feature when the battery charge level is low. This allows the front electromotor, which is mechanically coupled to the internal combustion engine, to continuously generate high voltage current to power the rear electric motor. Thus, the electromotor provides maximum traction regardless of the state of charge of the battery.

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