Are İZBAN Flights Continuing After the Earthquake in İzmir?

Are İZBAN Flights Continuing After the Earthquake in İzmir?
Are İZBAN Flights Continuing After the Earthquake in İzmir?

After the earthquake, many citizens started to investigate whether İZBAN train services were made or not. İZBAN, who was wondering whether there were any problems after the earthquake, made a statement on their official social media accounts. In the statement made, "We state that there is no problem on our line due to the earthquake and our voyages continue." expression was used.

What is İZBAN?

İZBAN, Izmir Commuter System or alias If you have chosen is Turkey's third largest city commuter rail system that services in Izmir. The project was implemented in partnership with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD. There are forty-one stations on the 136-kilometer railway line between Izmir's Aliağa and Selçuk districts. This feature is in line with Turkey's longest urban commuter line location. Passenger transportation started on 30 August 2010 in İZBAN.


İZBAN, which serves on the 136-kilometer line between Aliağa and Selçuk, [6], which was put into service in 1858 and was the first railway line in Anatolia, İzmir (Alsancak) -Aydın railway, İzmir (Basmane) -Kasaba (Turgutlu) It was built on railway lines. Aliağa-Menemen is defined as the north axis, between Menemen-Cumaovası as the center, and between Cumaovası and Selçuk as the south axis. Also on the line 1865 meters long Karşıyaka Railway Tunnel and 2.000 meter length Sirinyer Railway Tunnel.

İZBAN Stations

There are forty stations on the 136 kilometer İZBAN line, all with disabled access. Aliağa, Biçerova, Hatundere, Menemen, Egekent 2, Ulukent, Egekent, Ata Sanayi, Çiğli, Mavişehir, Şemikler, Demirköprü, Nergiz, Karşıyaka, Alaybey, Naldoken, Turan, Bayraklı, Salhane, Halkapınar, Alsancak, Hilal, Kemer, Şirinyer, Running, İnkılap, District Garage, Esbaş, Gaziemir, Sarnıç, Adnan Menderes Airport, Cumaovası, Develi, Tekeli, Beet, Kuşçuburun, Torbalı, Tepeköy, Health, Belevi and Selçuk stations serves. Alaybey, Karşıyaka, Nergiz and Şirinyer stations are underground, other stations are above ground.

From Halkapınar and Hilal stations to İzmir subway; Buses can be transferred from Alsancak, Biçerova, Cumaovası, Çiğli, Egekent, Esbaş, Halkapınar, Hatundere, Kemer, Mavişehir, Menemen, Salhane, Sarnic, District Garage, Sirinyer, Turan and Ulukent stations. Adnan Menderes Airport can be reached from the station of the same name to the south of the line. Alaybey, Alsancak, Halkapınar and Mavişehir stations can be transferred to tram lines.

According to 2014 data, the busiest stations of İZBAN are Halkapınar (9,5 million), Şirinyer (8,1 million), respectively. Karşıyaka (5,6 million), Cigli (4,3 million) and Crescent (4,2 million).

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