Color Comes to the Gray Walls of Istanbul

Color is Coming to Istanbul's Gray Walls
Color is Coming to Istanbul's Gray Walls

IMM opened the roadside walls to artists instead of landscaping applications that are difficult to maintain and cost. Kadıköy With the graffiti application that started in Fikirtepe, the 200-meter-long wall becomes colorful under the sponsorship of Jotun. With different sponsors, the reflection of the color talent of art on the walls of the city will continue.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) started a transformation program, which was both economical and budget-saving, for vertical garden applications, especially in the wall areas on highways, in 2010.

Drawing attention to the high maintenance costs of garden walls and water consumption in today's conditions, IMM Park Garden and Green Areas Department Head Prof. Dr. Yasin Çağatay Seçkin said, “The ecological benefits of garden walls against their economic expenses have become debatable. Therefore, as Head of Department; We started a transformation program for vertical gardens in order to reduce maintenance, repair, renovation costs and water consumption and to create more sustainable walls. Within the scope of the project, we will add color to the city by painting the gray concrete walls that do not have garden walls.


Seçkin underlined that they determined to turn the walls of Istanbul onto canvas in order to support our artists during the epidemic period, as the first solution. Explaining that they started the first application in Fikirtepe within the framework of the project called "Speaking Walls", Seçkin said that graffiti painting work was done on the 1 meters long 200 square meter wall surface on the O-2.000 highway.

Stating that the sponsored work will be completed within this month without allocating resources from the IMM budget, Seçkin continued his words as follows:

“Thanks to the art work realized in the area in question, the annual budget of 150 thousand TL, which is the maintenance cost of the vertical garden in the area, will be transferred to the maintenance budget for our parks. When the entire transformation program is completed, 2 million lira has been saved in our green areas budget and the walls of the city will be transformed into paintings. "


The graffiti composition, run under the sponsorship of Jotun with the motto "We bring the city together with art", consists of abstractions that emphasize the energy of Istanbul. This composition, designed to reveal the spirituality of concepts such as nature, unity, home, peace, neighbor, youth, sharing and respect; comes alive with colors inspired by nature. With different sponsors, the reflection of the color talent of art on the walls of Istanbul will continue.

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