Number of Trips Increased in Public Transport in Istanbul

Public Transport Trips Increased in Istanbul
Public Transport Trips Increased in Istanbul

In Istanbul in September, public transport travels decreased over the weekend, but increased during the week. On Friday, September 4, the highest density was observed on the main arteries and between the two sides. Traffic density index increased from 27 to 30. Weekday traffic on the highway network increased by 11 percent in a month.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Statistics Office shared the September data regarding Istanbul transportation. The following changes have occurred in transportation:

Public transport trips increased

Monthly increase in public transport was 5,7 percent in August and 1,7 percent in September.

11 percent increase in weekday travel

In September, there was a 21 percent monthly decrease in weekend trips and an 11 percent increase in weekdays.

Travel with disabilities increased by 4,5 percent

In August, while there was a 2 percent monthly decrease in citizen crossings, there was an increase of 9,4 percent in students, 60 percent above the age of 0,9 and 4,5 percent in disabled citizens' travels.

The busiest transit is on September 4

The number of vehicles crossing the collar on weekdays in September was 491 on average per day in August. The busiest transit took place in the week of 109-1 September; The busiest day was on Friday, September 4 with 509 thousand 584 vehicles. 4 percent of the collar crossings were from 39,1 July, 15 percent from FSM, 46,1 percent from YSS and 5,9 percent from Eurasia Tunnel.

The average number of vehicles passing through 94 sections on the main arteries on weekdays in August was 2 thousand 456 on average and 2 thousand 402 in September. The highest level in September was recorded as 4 thousand 2 vehicles on 485 September.

Traffic index increased to 30

While the average weekday traffic density index was measured as 27 in August, it increased to 30 in September. During the week, peak intensity was measured as 18.00 at 61:18. On the weekend, the index was 23 in August and XNUMX in September.

Average speed 59,5 km / h

The average speed was calculated as 59,5 km / h on weekdays and 62,7 km / h on weekends. The time spent in traffic on the road network on weekdays increased by 11 percent compared to August.

In the Bulletin, which was prepared using the data of the Public Transportation Services Directorate, BELBİM and İBB Transportation Management Center, speed and duration studies were carried out by using the sensors on the main routes.

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