Taxi, Minibus and Minibuses Are Regularly Disinfected in Istanbul

Taxi, Minibus and Minibuses Are Regularly Disinfected in Istanbul
Taxi, Minibus and Minibuses Are Regularly Disinfected in Istanbul

Within the scope of IMM, Covid-19 measures; Half of the buses disinfect 25 thousand taxis, minibuses and minibuses every month free of charge. Citizens can safely get on public transportation vehicles by querying the disinfection procedures on the IMM Directorate of Public Transport Services page.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Transportation Department Directorate of Public Transport Services and Health Department cooperates with IMM affiliate Boğaziçi AŞ, within the scope of Coronavirus (COVID-19) measures, and disinfects city-wide taxis, minibuses and minibuses.

Transactions are carried out free of charge every month for approximately 25 thousand taxis, taxi-minibuses and minibuses at stations established in many points of Istanbul. Taxi, taxi-minibus and minibus licensed transporters can use the last four digits of their Turkish ID numbers as a password and perform disinfection as of June 1, 2020. Disinfected vehicles are entered into the system, and a sticker "disinfected by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department" is attached.

Disinfection products approved by the IMM Health Department and used in the intensive care of hospitals are used in disinfection processes that do not pose any danger to the driver and passengers. Although these products do not require the vehicles to be ventilated for a long time after the application, they provide disinfection for up to one month.

IMM introduced Public Transportation Vehicle Disinfection Inquiry System for commercial vehicles in order to enable Istanbul residents to travel safely. Whether the vehicles used with this system are disinfected ( ) link can be learned.

By scanning the QR code on the Work Permit Certificate, it is possible to check whether the vehicles are disinfected or not on the document verification screen. With this application, IMM Inspection and Police and Police units can control the disinfected status of vehicles more actively.

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