Voting Starts for New Designs of Squares in Istanbul

Voting Starts for New Designs of Squares in Istanbul
Voting Starts for New Designs of Squares in Istanbul

As of today, Istanbul residents will have a say in the process of realizing award-winning projects of Taksim, Bakırköy Square and Salacak coastline designs, which were opened to the competition with the joint work of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and Istanbul Planning Agency (IPA). In the period when only Istanbul residents will have a say, voting can be made with TR numbers on between 19 October and 12 November 2020.

İBB, which opened the design and arrangement of public spaces that should be breathable, democratic and social relations, lively, peaceful and safe places, with the theme "Istanbul Becomes Public Spaces" to the competition, the results of the design competitions of Taksim Square, Bakırköy and Salacak Coast, which has the highest user mass, It presents to the people of Istanbul. In the process that started today, the people of Istanbul can vote on with their TR numbers.


Equivalent projects that rank in the competitions are either in the "Decision Is Yours" centers established in Taksim, Bakırköy and Üsküdar Squares or can be viewed on the website. At the same time, the citizen will be able to obtain information about the voting process by consulting the White Table employees who will be in the squares.


The Taksim, Bakırköy and Salacak Squares design competitions, organized jointly with İPA by prioritizing the principle of "Istanbul is Yours" and a participatory approach at every stage of IMM, took place in a rich process with meetings, surveys, interviews and interviews with various institutions. A total of 233 projects were submitted for the three competitions, and three equivalent awards were determined for each competition by the jury.



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