100 Thousand Moms Travel Free in Istanbul Now

100 Thousand Moms Travel Free in Istanbul Now
100 Thousand Moms Travel Free in Istanbul Now

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluOne of 's election promises, the practice of giving free travel cards to mothers with children aged 0-4, reached the limit of 2.5 thousand in 100 months. Mothers can get Istanbulkart free of charge by applying online or from 39 points.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) initiated the project of giving free travel cards to Turkish citizens residing in Istanbul between the ages of 0-4 in order to increase mothers' participation in social life, to increase their mobility, to encourage public transportation and to reduce the use of private vehicles.

The practice, which also has objectives such as reducing carbon emissions caused by vehicle use and contributing to the family economy, was implemented on July 17, with the decision taken by the IMM Assembly. The mothers with nearly 100 thousand young children have benefited from the free Istanbulkart application. The number of applications increased to 110 thousand.

With the Mother Card, mothers with children are entitled to 150 free passes per month. It is aimed to give a Mother Card to 1 million 160 thousand mothers who meet the requirements in Istanbul.

In addition to traveling free of charge in urban transportation with the Mother Card, users can load balance into it; BELTUR can easily spend or pay in social areas such as BNB (bicycle), Social Facilities, Ispark, İsper Migros, Hamidiye vending machines and i-taxi.

Mother Card applications, https://www.istanbulkart.istanbul/anne-kart It can be done easily from the website, by clicking the "Apply Now" button from the "Online Transactions" menu. Or, it can be received instantly from the closest preferred Istanbulkart Application Centers.

If the cards are lost or stolen, people can close their Istanbulcards at 153 Beyaz Masa and obtain their new Mother Cards online or from the closest application centers.

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