Istanbul Bicycle House Opened in Yenikapı

Istanbul Bicycle House Opened in Yenikapı
Istanbul Bicycle House Opened in Yenikapı

The "Istanbul Bicycle House", established within the body of IMM and serving all bicycle lovers in Istanbul, was opened in Yenikapı. Before the opening, a bicycle tour of the Historical Peninsula was organized with the participation of 500 athletes.

Before the opening of the Istanbul Bicycle House, which was established under the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Department of Transportation, the Istanbul Metropolitan Affiliate Sports Istanbul organized a Cycling Tour of the Historical Peninsula. The tour, which was attended by 500 registered users due to the pandemic, started in front of the Istanbul Bicycle House and ended in Yenikapı by touring the Historical Peninsula.

After the tour, Istanbul Bicycle House was held with the participation of IMM Transportation Department Head Utku Cihan, Support Services Department Head Mansur Güneş, Spor Istanbul AŞ General Manager Renay Onur and Cyclists Assembly members.

Istanbul Bicycle House will create a common physical space needed by all bicycle formations and associations in Istanbul in line with the vision of developing the bicycle culture of IMM. Thus, cycling NGOs will be able to organize meetings, workshops, panels, events etc. at this point in line with the calendar of the bicycle house. In addition, bicycle driving trainings for women will be held here throughout the year.

The facility will also serve as the office of the coordination team formed for Istanbul's project to be included in EuroVelo (European Bicycle Networks Route). During the EuroVelo participation project, meetings, workshops, etc. organizations that both domestic and foreign guests will attend can be organized at this point.

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