Istanbul Airport Receives 5 International Certificates

Istanbul Airport Receives 5 International Certificates
Istanbul Airport Receives 5 International Certificates

Continuing to work in line with the principles of sustainable development and international standards, İGA has successfully completed the certification studies of ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, ISO 27001 Information Security Management System and ISO 50001 Energy Management System at Istanbul Airport. has been certified by the international certification body British Standards Institution.

With its unique architecture, strong infrastructure, superior technology and high-level travel experience, Istanbul Airport, which has become a global transfer center with its operational successes in its first year, is also at the forefront with its activities in terms of quality, information security, passenger experience, energy efficiency, environment and sustainability. coming out.

While performing the services it offers, in the areas of service quality and continuous improvement thanks to the Quality Management System, enriching the passenger experience thanks to the Customer Satisfaction Management System, environmental awareness thanks to the Environmental Management System, protecting the sensitive information of passengers and all stakeholders thanks to the Information Security Management System, Energy Management System stands behind its strong commitments to increase energy efficiency, reduce consumption and protect resources for future generations.

Making evaluations about the certificates received for the management systems of Istanbul Airport, IGA Airport Operations Chief Executive Officer and General Manager Kadri Samsunlu: “At Istanbul Airport, we took care to take all our steps from the design process to the construction phase, from the construction process to the operation process, in line with the sustainable development goals. Acting with this awareness, we consider acting in line with our sustainability principles as the most valuable part of our corporate culture. In this direction, we put people into our focus and implement new practices every day. It is a great success to create standards that include energy efficiency, trip satisfaction and quality management. Although we are a new company in the aviation industry, it is very important and proud that we have achieved global standards thanks to the practices we have implemented. In line with our sustainable business model, we aim to create value for all our stakeholders in environmental, social and economic terms. In line with this model, we are proud to be certified in quality, environment, information security and customer satisfaction management, especially in energy efficiency. I would like to thank all our employees, our management team and BSI, who have always supported us in terms of communication and added value with their training and auditing quality from the beginning of the process ”.

BSI Assurance Services Global Director Pietro Foschi shared the following about IGA's success; “During the audits, we saw that IGA was well prepared for the process, had strong and solid plans, and had a well trained professional team. The adoption and certification of best practice standards clearly demonstrates İGA's commitment to providing organizational resilience for this amazing infrastructure. IGA Airport Operations Chief Executive Officer and General Manager Mr. I congratulate Kadri Samsunlu, IGA senior management team and all IGA employees who are involved in fulfilling the requirements of these standards for these 5 certificates they successfully obtained. "


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