Instagram Offers a Brand New Shopping Experience

Instagram Offers a Brand New Shopping Experience
Instagram Offers a Brand New Shopping Experience

Previously limited number of shopping feature in Instagram can access the company, who embarked on major brands from e-commerce to small business owners, content producers to broadcasters, opens up the use of all the business of providing suitable conditions in Turkey.

Gord Ray, Instagram Brand Development Leader, said: “We want to bring out the unique value of bringing shoppers, brands and content producers together. If we can connect the dots between these three, we can create an amazing shopping experience for everyone. "One way to do this is to make Instagram shopping available in more countries and offer more people the opportunity to shop from their favorite brands and creators."

Facebook Shop

enterprises in Turkey are made available recently Shops also be able to access Facebook. Thus, businesses will be able to create a customizable online store where people can discover and buy products they love through Facebook's applications. Facebook Shops is a store experience compatible with both Facebook and Instagram, where businesses can create collections that can be personalized from one place to display their products.

Facebook Middle East, Africa and Turkey Regional Vice President Derya Matras, said Facebook Shops related said: "As with Facebook, as people's friends and family members that are a part of our community as their favorite brands and we are trying to help them connect with the company. For a long time, we witnessed people buying and selling things by sharing photos of their products through our apps and sprinkling the first seeds of social commerce. Now, with Facebook Shops, we are making this dream come true. Our goal is to help small businesses adapt to today's conditions and be explored, while offering a space where people can enjoy their shopping experience.

Currently, especially small businesses are going through a difficult period due to the pandemic, and many of these businesses are discovering new ways to reach their customers online and promote their products or services. With Facebook Shops, we will connect both small business owners and global brands with their customers through our applications and make the online shopping experience easier for everyone.

Shopping on IGTV and Reels

Instagram also announced that next week the shopping on IGTV feature will begin to be available worldwide, and that the Reels shopping feature will begin to be tested this year. People will now be able to select a product with a few clicks while watching a video on IGTV and complete the purchase on the business website. This offers creators and businesses the opportunity to sell through long-format, edited videos in an inspiring and immersive way. In the coming days, IGTV videos using the shopping feature can be discovered through the Instagram Shop.

"Digital creators and brands help bring cultural moments to Instagram, and people come to Instagram to inspire them," said Justin Osofsky, Instagram COO. By bringing the shopping feature to IGTV and Reels, we are making it easy to shop directly over video. "We help businesses tell their stories, reach customers, and generate revenue," he said.

Brands have always been an important part of the Instagram community:

  • 90 percent of people follow a business on Instagram
  • 70 percent of shoppers come to Instagram to discover new products
  • 87 percent of people say that influencers inspire them when purchasing a product.
  • 130 million people click on product tags via Instagram streaming, shopping and video
  • Online shopping has gained momentum during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is estimated that 85 percent of people worldwide shop online.

It continues to work to make it easier to learn and shop about products on Instagram, Stream, IGTV, Stories and soon Reels. Part of this is providing creators with the tools they need to help sell their products and reach new audiences around the world.



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