Ministry of Interior 30 Associations to Recruit Assistant Auditors

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Ministry of Interior 30 Associations to Recruit Assistant Auditors

30 vacancies in the General Administrative Services Class of the central organization of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will be recruited to the Ministry of Internal Affairs Deputy Auditors for Associations with the entrance (oral) exam to be held in Ankara between 08-11 December 2020.


1- Fulfilling the conditions listed in paragraph (A) of Article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 48,

2- To have graduated from one of the faculties of law, political sciences, economics, business administration, economics and administrative sciences providing at least four years of undergraduate education, or one of the domestic and foreign educational institutions whose equivalence is accepted by the competent authorities,

3- To be under the age of thirty-five as of the first day of January of the year in which the entrance (oral) exam is held. (Those born after 01/01/1985),

4- Among the applicants who have received at least 23 KPSS points from the "Public Personnel Selection Exam KPSSP70", whose validity period has not expired as of the deadline for the exam period, among the applicants, being among the highest score 120 (other candidates with the same score as the 120th candidate also takes the entrance exam).


1- Candidates; Of our ministry To the "2020-2021 Ministry of Interior Associations Assistant Auditor Entrance (Oral) Exam Job Request Form" on the exam application link to be published on the website. They will apply by accessing the e-Devlet password on the internet address between 02-06 November 2020 and filling in the electronic environment. Since the applications will be received electronically, applications by mail or in person will not be accepted.

2- Since the applications will be made with e-Government password, the candidates Must have an account. In order to use the account in question, candidates must obtain an e-Government password. Candidates will be able to obtain the envelope containing their e-Government password by submitting their ID number with their TR ID number on personal application from PTT Central Directorates.

3- Candidates who fill out the Job Request Form electronically, complete the application without any errors and completely, and are sure that their information is correct, should press the "Save My Information" button. Applications of candidates who do not perform this process will not be registered in the system, and candidates in this situation will not be able to claim any rights. Candidates who realize that there is an incompleteness or error in their information must update their information again until 06:2020 on 17 November 30 and complete the application process by clicking the "Save My Information" button.

4- The graduation information of candidates who will apply for the entrance (oral) exam is automatically received from the Higher Education Institution. Candidates who are inaccurate / incomplete in their information or who do not have graduation information from the Higher Education Institution are required to tick the relevant box in the application form and enter their updated information manually, in this case, the approved diploma sample or They are required to upload the graduation documents in pdf or jpeg format to the exam module.

5- Candidates who have graduated from educational theories in Turkey or abroad and have equivalency to the relevant faculties regarding the education status required in the advertisement should check the relevant box in the education information tab and upload the equivalence documents.

6- The military information of male candidates is automatically received from the Ministry of National Defense, candidates with an error in their information are required to tick the relevant box, enter their current information manually, and upload their military status documents in pdf or jpeg format to the module.

7- In the application phase of the candidates, the Ministry's General Directorate of Personnel They are required to upload 600 * 800 sized 300 dpi image quality photos to the module in pdf or jpeg format, taken in accordance with the features in the "Photo Standards to be Used in Personnel Identity Card" section of the "Personnel Identity Card" tab of the internet address.

8- Since the system will be closed at 06:2020 on 17 November 30 after the applications are completed, the Job Request Form will not be printed after the specified time. Therefore, candidates are required to print the Job Request Form between the specified application dates before 17:30.

9- It is obligatory to upload one or more of the required documents to the module according to the procedures and principles stated in the announcement within the application period during the entrance (oral) exam application. Candidates who do not upload the requested documents to the system at the application stage will not be able to claim any rights and the responsibility will belong to the relevant candidates. Applications by mail or by hand will not be accepted, since applications will be received via the Business Request Form in electronic environment.

10- Applications that are not made duly and / or on time will not be accepted.

11- No notification will be made to applicants who cannot obtain the right to attend the exam.

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