The Right to Take the Written Exam for the Assistant Inspector of IMM KazanAnnounced moments

The Right to Take the Written Exam for the Assistant Inspector of IMM KazanAnnounced moments
The Right to Take the Written Exam for the Assistant Inspector of IMM KazanAnnounced moments

Preliminary applications were received for 657 assistant inspectors to be employed by IMM under the Civil Servants Law No. 6. The written exam will be held on November 2 at Yenikapı Eurasia Show and Art Center.

For the vacant Deputy Inspectors of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, between 9/10/2020 - 25/10/2020 ( Pre-application was received electronically at the address.

2045 people applied for the exam. Of these, 426 people meet the conditions. According to the score ranking made according to the KPSS result, the first 120 people are entitled to take the exam. kazanwas.

KPSS P657 score ranking for candidates who apply electronically between 48/9/10 - 2020/25/10 in accordance with the special conditions specified in sub-clause (A) of the first paragraph of Article 2020 of the Civil Servants Law No.48 ranking was made on the basis of.

In this context, the list of candidates to be invited to the written exam (The Right to Take the Exam) Kazanfor the Candidate List) Click here.

To be made for Assistant Inspector cadres written exam on 2/11/2020 at 10.00:XNUMX, Yenikapı Event Area will be held at Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Eurasia Show and Art Center located at Cerrahpaşa Mahallesi Kennedy Caddesi No: 46 Fatih Istanbul address.

The written exam will be held in one session for all candidates. This publication on our website is a notification of the exam entrance announcement, and candidates will not be sent an exam entry document via mail or other communication tools.

The exam will be held in two stages, written (multiple choice test method) and oral. Those who are successful in the written exam and are entitled to take the oral exam kazanthe names of the candidates at the moment again on 5/11/2020 is will be announced at.

Right to Take the Exam KazanMatters to be Considered by the Candidates

  • Candidates will carefully examine the announcement for the written exam. To reach the exam announcement Click here.
  • In order to take the exam, the candidate must have the original identity card or Turkish ID Card or passport whose validity has not expired.
  • When entering the exam, ID number written on Population Wallet or the Republic of Turkey continued validity period of your ID card or your identity card, passport or TRNC you need to have with you. The identity card must be cold stamped, an up-to-date photo that will enable the candidate to be easily recognized by the examiners (Note that exam staff may not be able to take you for the exam on the exam day if they have difficulty recognizing you from your photo.) And the passport must be valid as of the exam day. Identity cards that do not have a cold stamp or an up-to-date photograph that will enable the candidate to be easily recognized by the examiners, or ID number (TC ID number should not be written or added later by hand or typed) and passports with expired validity will not be accepted. It is mandatory to have a photo on the identity card. Candidates who do not have a photo in their identity card will not be taken to the exam. A candidate who does not have these documents with him in full will not be taken to the exam regardless of his / her excuse. In the process of obtaining the Turkish ID Card, the original photo, signed-sealed / barcoded-QR-code “Temporary Identity Document” issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs and valid until the new ID cards are received will be accepted as valid identity document. Except those; driver's license, occupational identification cards, etc. All other documents will not be accepted as valid identification documents for taking the exam.
  • Be sure to go and see the building where you will take the exam at least one day before the exam day to confirm the address information. To see the location of the test center Click here.
  • Please be present at the door of the building where you will take the exam 30 minutes before the exam time in order to complete the identity checks, body search and placement in the hall on time.
  • Candidates are not allowed to carry mobile phones, audio and video recorders or other similar electronic items with them at the entrance to the Exam Center.
  • Since the water in the pencil, eraser, sharpener, napkin and transparent plastic bottle will be supplied by IMM; Do not bring any tools, equipment, drinks and food to the building where you will take the exam.
  • After completing your exam, submit your answer sheet and question booklet (complete with pages) to the attendants. Do not leave it on the queue.
  • Pay attention to social distance rules when entering and exiting the exam building. Masks and disinfectants will be given to candidates at the entrance of the building. Candidates will be able to come to the exam with their own masks.
  • Since the other stages of the personnel recruitment process depend on the exam and its results, no excuse will be accepted for not taking the exam. Right to take the exam kazanCandidates who do not attend the exam on the announced exam date will be deemed to have lost their right to take the exam.


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