IMM Introduced the New Taxi Management Model to the Public

IMM Introduced the New Taxi Management Model to the Public
IMM Introduced the New Taxi Management Model to the Public

Following UKOME approval, IMM will operate a taxi by license plate rental method. With the new system that will improve the service quality in taxis and the legal rights of drivers, safer and faster transportation will be provided to citizens. IMM Deputy Secretary General Orhan Demir said, "These 6 thousand taxis will be in the hands of the public and this will increase the quality of other taxis."

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Department of Transportation introduced the details of the new taxi management system to the public with the 6 thousand new taxi proposals discussed at UKOME, at the meeting held at the IMM Çırpıcı Social Facilities.

The meeting was attended by IMM Deputy Secretary General for Transportation Orhan Demir, IMM Transportation Department Head Utku Cihan, IMM Public Transportation Services Manager Barış Yıldırım, IMM Council Good Party SözcüSü Suat Sarı, representatives of the chamber of artisans, taxi drivers and press members were present.

In the presentation made by Elçin Lale Toktay from İBB affiliate Istanbul Transportation Inc., the current problems of taxis were presented, examples of high quality taxi management systems in world cities were presented and the new taxi management model of IMM was explained.

In the new system to be implemented in case of approval of UKOME, IMM, the owner of the system, will authorize a subsidiary by tender. A model will be created in which the service quality will be increased with 6 thousand new taxis that will work with license plate rental method.

In the payment of the fee; Istanbulkart will be complete with credit card, online payment and QR options. The standards for taxi driving will be determined with the transportation academy and a comprehensive examination process will be carried out.

With the corporate advantages, it is aimed to increase quality and performance, decrease vehicle maintenance costs, improve driver rights, safety and hygiene conditions.


Orhan Demir said, “These 6 thousand taxis will definitely be in the hands of the public and this will increase the quality of other taxis. This is how it happened in examples around the world. It will happen with us sooner or later. Our İTaksi mobile application is also ready, and we will put it into service very soon from the name of the trial process ”.

Stating that they wrote a letter to all relevant subjects and the Police Department about the pirate taxi and they plan to solve this problem altogether, Demir said, “Until today, all public transportation systems have been competed with each other and rent has been obtained. However, all public transportation vehicles are part of a system that feeds each other. We will solve many accumulated problems one by one by looking at transportation in a holistic manner. "Those who boycotted our meeting would only come here and say what they want," he said.


IMM Council Good Party Sözcüs and Suat Yellow Transportation Commissioner pointed out that in Istanbul and became a pirate taxi problem in Turkey, he continued: "But Istanbul residents and tourists complain about the current taxi system. By taking a risk, IMM has done a great international work and has taken an important step to improve the system. IMM says I will prove how to increase this quality with these 6 thousand vehicles. This will also increase the quality of existing taxi driver rooms and associations. The application to be put into practice will also eliminate wasted trips and taxis wandering in the city. Taxi drivers will make better money. "

Taxi room representatives and taxi drivers who took the floor at the meeting stated that they will support a new system that will solve their problems by mentioning the problems such as high costs, long working hours and pirate taxi.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) presented the proposal prepared by Istanbul Technical University Transportation and Transportation Vehicles Application-Research Center in line with the "Technical Report on Examination of Istanbul Taxi System and Strategic Approaches for the Future" at the UKOME meeting on September 24.

The proposal on the "Regulation of Taxi Transport", which aims to increase the total number of taxis to 17 thousand 395 by adding 6 thousand new taxis to the existing 23 thousand 395 taxis in the first place, was discussed at UKOME and it was decided to be brought up again after being evaluated by the sub-commission.

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