Home and Kitchenware OSB is Established

Home and Kitchenware OSB is Established
Home and Kitchenware OSB is Established

Turkey in 2019 to 2,6 billion dollars of exports, the home and kitchen appliances industry representatives, will perform in Kırklareli Visa threw signature will create supply width of the cluster. While creating solutions for the growth needs of the sector with the investment incentives, location, employment and cost advantages of clustering brought by the Producers Incentive Law, it will be possible for companies that export with an average of 3,2 dollars / kg to produce value added with the synergy in the region.

Home and kitchenware industry; Home and Kitchenware Specialized Organized Industrial Zone, which will save from the city and gather in an industrial zone where many advantages are offered together, will be neighboring PAGDER ASLAN Plastikçiler Specialized Private OIZ, established in Kırklareli-Vize. A protocol with the Association of Household and Kitchenware Manufacturers and Exporters (EVSID), Asrey Construction, PAGDER ASLAN Plastic Manufacturers Specialized Organized Industrial Zone (PAOSB) and the Plastic Manufacturers Association (PAGDER) representing household goods manufacturers who will have the opportunity to produce together with the dynamics of the plastic industry signed.

Low-cost production opportunity for home and kitchenware manufacturers

Asrey Construction Board Chairman Mehmet Ali Aslan, who gave information about the Home and Kitchenware Specialized Special Organized Industrial Zone, said, “We are proud of the cooperation between EVSID and Asrey Construction for the establishment of the Home and Kitchenware Specialized Organized Industrial Zone in Kırklareli Vize. As Asrey İnşaat, we played a leading role in establishing a private organized industrial zone in Vize. In 2012, a step was taken with the establishment of PAGDER ASLAN Plastikçiler Specialized Private Organized Industrial Zone. With the agreement made today, we will bring together the advantages of the household and kitchenware industry, such as clustering, value-added production, proximity to Europe, and logistics superiority to members of the household goods sector ”

Visa first of clustering in particular OSB structuring in Turkey Aslan pointed out that, "When we say private organized industry zone, that there are advantages to hosting participants under very significant returns. There is no enterprising committee in the private OIZ, there are no governors and district governors. There is a management completely between us and you. We aim to provide our household goods producers with the industrial structuring they need, with many advantages, from cheap energy to investment incentives, from a location adjacent to Istanbul and Europe, to moving loan support, as well as modern infrastructure facilities and social living spaces.

Önder: “The demand in the sector is more than the supply. The region will respond to the growth need ”

Turkey's emphasis will be a center of attraction in the coming years in the industry Household and Kitchenware Manufacturers and Exporters Association (EVSİD) chairman John Leader, "change the world supply chain of the pandemic, in diversification efforts. As everyone will know in the world, the Far East had a dominance. Supply chains will change, especially in developed countries. At this point, Turkey is one of the most ambitious countries. Our industry profile is a small sample of general industry and exports. We all have capacity, scale problems. We need to work in larger production areas to keep up with demand and demand in the industry. As a result of our cooperation with Asrey İnşaat, we will start the construction of the factory within 2 years. "The clustering of our home and kitchenware sector in the specialized OIZ in Kırklareli Vize will contribute to the growth need and export of our sector."

The Association of Plastics Manufacturers in 2012 (PAGDER) with the private sector made cooperation - which emphasized that the first examples of civil society cooperation PAGDER LION Plastic Specialized Special Organized Industrial Zone Chairman Saplings Aslan Eroglu, "earlier this year, Turkey The toy Cooperative (TOY -KOOP), now we are reproducing these examples with EVSID. 77 participants in the 69 parcel of Plastikçiler OSB, more than 50 in Oyuncakçılar OSB, and 19 companies from the household and kitchenware sector with the signatures signed today took their place among our participants. Whether you move your investment or open it as a second factory, you will get more of your investments back. " He spoke in the form.

Gülsün: "More than 100 participants took their place in the region"

Reminding that all kinds of social equipment of PAGDER ASLAN OIZ, which started to work in cooperation with Asrey Construction in 2012, are designed specifically for industrialists and industry components, Selçuk Gülsün, President of the Association of Plastic Industrialists (PAGDER), shared his evaluations about the Specialized Home and Kitchenware Special OIZ as follows; “PAGDER ASLAN Plastikçiler Specialized Organized Industrial Zone, which is ready for superstructure investments, will bring acceleration and growth to our sectors to see household appliances sector companies, many of which are also players in our plastic sector, on the industrial land. On the other hand, Turkey The toy Cooperative beginning of the year (TOY-KOOP) in the region with the toy industry with our cooperation which went the way of clustering. With the synergy of all these sectors, more than 100 participants have made their investment decisions in the region. The visa will turn into a serious attraction. It is one of the last industrial residential areas of the Thrace region, and all stakeholders will benefit from significant conveniences in the industrial zone, which is close to Istanbul Airport, Tekirdağ port and high-speed train network, with double roads. Turkey's first and largest potential both in Turkey Istanbul 20 years will be how the previous version today with Visa will develop after 10 years. "

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