1,75 Billion Lira Guarantee Payment Has Been Made to Osmangazi Bridge

1,75 Billion Lira Guarantee Payment Has Been Made to Osmangazi Bridge
1,75 Billion Lira Guarantee Payment Has Been Made to Osmangazi Bridge

While millions are struggling with the economic crisis, money continues to be transferred to build-operate-transfer projects. A guarantee of 1,75 billion Turkish lira was paid to Otoyol AŞ, the operator of the Osmangazi Bridge.

According to the news of Havva Gümüşkaya from Birgün; “While the citizen is trying to cope with the economic effects of the coronavirus epidemic, on the other hand, guarantee payments are made for bridges and highways built with the build-operate-transfer model. The partnership of Otoyol AŞ, which operates the Osmangazi Bridge and Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Motorway, was paid in the first half of 2020, as no guarantee of passage was provided.

Within the scope of the epidemic measures, intercity crossing was restricted between March and June, so there was no vehicle crossing from toll bridges and highways. However, the counters of these guaranteed roads continued to operate. In other words, the money for the road that the citizen did not pass was paid.

During the epidemic period, these payments were requested to be postponed, after the 3rd Bridge, a payment of 2020 billion 1 million lira was made to the Osmangazi Bridge and Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Highway as a "guarantee" payment for the first half of 750.

How Much is the Transition Cost?

Osmangazi Bridge will be operated by Otoyol AŞ for 22 years on the build-operate-transfer method. In return, the company has an annual pass guarantee of 35 million 14 thousand vehicles for 600 dollars plus VAT per vehicle. On the other hand, the cost of crossing the bridge for cars is 117,9 TL, which is below the guarantee price.

Whose This Otoyol AŞ?

Otoyol AŞ is a partnership of 6 companies. These companies also own 'mega projects' all over the country, with partnerships like themselves. Here are those companies, partnerships and projects:

  1. Nurol Construction
    Nurol Construction, one of the first companies to come to mind when it comes to housing construction in the country, is also the contractor of the Marmaray project. The company is also building the Ilısu Dam in Mardin Dargeçit in partnership with Cengiz and Dolsar.
  2. Ozaltın Holding
    The company's main projects consist of road and dam constructions. In addition to the Kiğı Yedisu dam and HEPP project in Bingöl, there is the second construction company under the name Kalehan Energy in partnership with Cengiz İnşaat. Kalehan Energy has HEPP projects in Bingöl and Elazığ. These are Beyhan 1, Beyhan 2, Aşağı Kaleköy and Yukarı Kaleköy Dam and HEPP projects.
  3. Makyol Construction
    He owns many projects from marina to tunnel, from subway construction to highway. The company constructed Kas marina, Kasımpaşa Hasköy Caddesi Tunnel, Şile-Ağva road and Istanbul 4. Levent Metro. On the other hand, in partnership with Yüksel İnşaat and Astaldi Kadıköy-Kartal also built the metro line.
  4. Astaldi
    In fact, the Italian company Astaldi, many of the projects have either shared or in Turkey. Ankara Etlik Integrated Health Complex, especially the 3rd Bridge and Northern Ring Motorway, Kadıköy-Kartal metro construction, Haliç metro crossing bridge.
  5. Yüksel Construction
    The company owns 15 dam and HEPP projects in various parts of the country. With Astadi and Makyol Kadıköy-Builder of the Eagle subway. Yüksel İnşaat is also one of the important companies of TOKİ construction.
  6. Göçay Construction
    The biggest build-operate-transfer project of the company is Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Highway. The company, which is mentioned in many highway projects, is also the contractor of the Malatya North Ring Road.

2020 Year Osmangazi Bridge Pass Fee Schedule
(Valid from 01/01/2020 00:00)

1 117,90
2 188,65
3 224,00
4 297,10
5 374,90
6 82,55
            * Prices include VAT.

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