Additional Lane in Altınyol and Gradual Work in Konak… Traffic Breathes in İzmir

Additional Lane in Altınyol and Gradual Work in Konak ... Traffic Breathes in İzmir
Additional Lane in Altınyol and Gradual Work in Konak ... Traffic Breathes in İzmir

The traffic density created by the use of private vehicles, which increased with the pandemic process, decreased with the additional lanes in Altınyol, free tow trucks and gradual overtime practices initiated in the public institutions in Konak. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer said that such touches on problematic places yield positive results. “If the gradual shift practice becomes widespread throughout the city, traffic will not be a problem,” he said.

The steps taken by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in problematic areas in order to speed up the urban traffic started to give positive results. Thanks to the free towing service on the main arteries and the additional lane application initiated in Altınyol between 07.30-09.30 in the morning and 17.00-19.30 in the evening with the cooperation of İzmir Police Department, a noticeable relief in traffic was achieved. The gradual overtime practice implemented by the Governorship of İzmir in the public institutions in Konak had an important contribution.

Average cruising speed increased

According to the data of İzmir Transportation Center (İZUM), the number of vehicles passing through Anadolu Caddesi and Altınyol increased by 14 percent in a week with the opening of the additional lane. 18 percent of the vehicles using the route are in the morning; 13 percent preferred the additional lane in the evening. An increase in average cruising speeds was also observed. The average cruising speed of 29 km per hour in morning traffic increased to 39 km after the application. In evening traffic, the average cruising speed increased from 24 km to 27 km. On the other hand, the traffic density, which was 34 percent on average in the city, decreased to 32 percent with other measures taken. IZUM officials, who monitor and direct the city traffic 7/24 without interruption, noted that drivers have recently noticed the additional lane application and its use is increasing day by day.

Scalpel for host traffic

On the other hand, in accordance with the decision taken by UKOME, with the cooperation of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Provincial Police Department, the traffic on the Konak-Alsancak route is also hit by a scalpel. From Tuesday, October 6, the section (two lanes) of Cumhuriyet Boulevard between Fevzi Pasha Boulevard and Gazi Boulevard will open towards Cumhuriyet Square between 07.30-09.30 in the morning. Thus, vehicles coming from Konak direction will be able to pass directly to Alsancak direction.

"Not everyone should go out at the same time"

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer stated that with the pandemic process, the use of private vehicles has increased and that an average of 125 thousand more vehicles come to the traffic every day; He said that they made small touches at many points for a solution. Emphasizing that the most effective solution is to spread the number of vehicles and people in circulation to different time zones, President Soyer said, “The way to do this is to spread the gradual shift practice both in the public and private sector”; continued as follows:

"We expect steps from NGOs"

“We, as the municipality, have started to work gradually. İzmir Governorship also initiated the application in public institutions in Konak in the first place. We hope this will include all districts in the city center. The application must be widespread in the private sector. We expect sensitivity from all non-governmental organizations in our city. Taking these steps will not only prevent traffic from being a 'problem' but will also provide many financial and moral benefits. For example, the use of public transport will increase. Waiting times in traffic will decrease. Noise and air pollution will be minimized. The decrease in fuel waste due to density will contribute both to our pockets and to our national wealth. "

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