Audio Menu Project for Visually Impaired Young Leaders

Audio Menu Project for Visually Impaired Young Leaders
Audio Menu Project for Visually Impaired Young Leaders

Founded in 1917, the United Nations within the special advisor to the first non-governmental organization involved in the status worldwide in 128 countries, 5000 branches, global platform JCI operates with members of more than 200.000 (Junior Chamber International), 1987, since in Turkey "JCI Turkey - Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs Association" shows the activities. JCR Eurasia founded in 2004, it is one of Turkey's 24 branches JCI, JCI World President of JCI is issuing the first and only branch in Turkey. İsmail Haznedar, President of the 2015 JCI World, is the head of the 2008 JCI Eurasia branch. JCI Avrasya has always managed to be a leading branch with its visionary members and projects. Filiz Tüfek, the head of the 2020 JCI Eurasia branch, signed another pioneering project this year with Emine Zerrin Şakır, the owner of MANGODO Digital Agency and JCI Eurasia Chief Vice-President.

“Audio Menu for the Visually Impaired” Project, Digital menu both reduces contact after Covid-19 thanks to the square barcode, and enables visually impaired people to learn the menu with the audio menu feature. Visually impaired individuals always order the same food when they do not know the menu. Since their sound sensitivity is high, a step has been taken towards their hearing habits. Şebnem Karakuş, a visually impaired member of JCI Eurasia, is also performing the voiceover. The most meaningful aspect of the project is; It will consist of female visually impaired individuals, by creating a voice-over pool, making menu vocalizations and making money from their homes. kazanto provide goods. In other words, it was aimed to create employment for women visually impaired.


With the pandemic process, social distance rules and minimum contact are important. kazanwas. Menus are one of the surfaces that customers and business employees come into contact with the most. JCI Avrasya offers a new generation solution that reduces contact in cafes, restaurants and tourism businesses with its digital menu software developed with Mangodo Digital. The digital menu application, which can be used by all businesses such as restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels, provides quick and easy access to the menus by scanning the QR code from mobile phones. At the same time, the menu is vocalized, offering the opportunity to both the visually impaired and the citizens who want to listen and use the menu.


As JCI Avrasya, thanks to our partnership with Mangodo Digital, we have realized the Audible Menu for the Visually Impaired project, and brought Barrier-Free Menu to the community. kazanwe nagged.


Thanks to JCI Avrasya cooperation with Mangodo Digital, sound can be added to the digital menu. Thus, it provides easy access to the menu for visually impaired customers. Filiz Tüfek, president of JCI Eurasia, shares the following information about their cooperation: “Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs Association - JCI is an international association of young leaders and entrepreneurs aged 18 to 40. As a result of our cooperation with Mangodo Digital, we will add menu voiceovers to the menus. Thus, the visually impaired will be able to dominate the menu contents. This is an important point. Because they don't know the menu, they usually give the same orders. This part of the work will be mentored by Şebnem Karakuş, a visually impaired friend of our JCI Eurasia member. It contributes to the employment of the visually impaired with the income obtained by creating a voice over pool. We find this project very valuable for chain cafes, restaurants and hotels to own it.


see McDonald's McDonald's flavor of Turkey voiced for the disabled, visually impaired individuals to make life easier 'Voice Menu' project spends his life. The project aims to minimize the problems faced by the visually impaired in social life. With the QR code to be placed on the doors and counters of McDonald's restaurants, products can be listened to, and orders can be placed quickly and without contact. McDonald's Turkey Marketing Director Elif Meteors, JCR Eurasia

"We are happy to make it easier for the visually impaired to participate in social life and to ensure that they can access McDonald's delicacies whenever they want," he said.


JCI Eurasia Branch President Filiz Tüfek said the following about the project: “JCI (Junior Chamber International) has been operating in 1917 countries since 128 with more than 20 thousand members. As one of the 24 branches of JCI Turkey, we work to make a positive contribution to the development of society. We find it very valuable to have signed such a meaningful project with McDonald's Turkey. Thanks to the project, which emerged in cooperation with Mangodo Digital Agency, we also aimed to create employment for women with visual impairments. With a voice-over pool consisting of visually impaired female individuals, they receive money from their homes. kazanwe will go. In this respect, it was a project that made us very happy.”

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