Medical Industry Move Against Cancer in Gaziantep

Medical Industry Move Against Cancer in Gaziantep
Medical Industry Move Against Cancer in Gaziantep

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, Turkey's gateway to the Middle East, has announced that they will build a plant to cure cancer patients in Gaziantep. Making a statement on his social media account, Minister Varank said, "With the molecules we will produce in the Proton Acceleration and Radiopharmaceutical Facility, we will prevent imports and support innovative scientific studies." said.

Famous for its strong industry and unique culture, Gaziantep is preparing for an important move in the field of health. The Proton Accelerator and Radiopharmaceutical Facility will be the largest budgeted project of the Ministry of Industry and Technology Development Agencies General Directorate. Following the installation of the TR 19 model proton accelerator to be used at the facility, radioactive drug production will begin in 2021. R&D activities will also be carried out at the facility.


The Proton Acceleration and Radiopharmaceutical Production Facility Establishment Project, which will produce drugs to be used in cancer treatment, was signed by Gaziantep University and İpekyolu Development Agency in March.


The facility, which will start to be built with the highest support provided by development agencies at a time with approximately 47 million liras, will be established in Gaziantep Technology Development Zone. In the facility, radioactive materials will be produced that will provide reliable results in critical evaluations such as the diagnosis of the disease, its stage, and metastases, especially in patients with cancer. A Canadian company, which is a proton accelerator manufacturer, starts to produce the TR 19 model device, and the plant will be put into service in 2021.


Varank Minister, said on social media, "Turkey's gateway to the Middle East are building a facility that will be healing for cancer patients in Gaziantep. With the molecules we will produce at the Proton Acceleration and Radiopharmaceutical Facility, we will prevent imports and support innovative scientific studies. " used the expressions.


Gaziantep University Nuclear Medicine Department Lecturer Assoc. Dr. Umut Elboğa stated that they gave a considerable amount of foreign currency to abroad for the radioactive drugs they routinely use in cancer diagnosis and treatment, “We will get rid of these expenses. Afterwards, we plan to export the different molecules we produce to the environment and neighboring countries. When these targets are achieved, our facility will pay for itself in 3-4 years. " said.


Explaining that such drugs have a life span, a product from Istanbul arrives in Gaziantep in 4-5 hours, Assoc. “If we take into account that the half-life of the drug is 110 minutes, it means 2 or 3 times half-life. In other words, while the medicine was sent to me from Istanbul, the medicine that I will use here had to be loaded 3 times and sent as such. This inevitably was reflected in the costs. These costs will no longer be reflected when produced in Gaziantep. " he spoke.


Elboğa, starting from different molecules not produced in Turkey; Stating that they aim to focus on the production of elements such as copper and zirconium, he said that the work also has an academic dimension. Noting that they would also carry out new scientific studies using different elements, Elboğa said, “We were able to use products that everyone used and make publications about it. Now, by doing research that no one can do and doing research that no one can do, we can enter the world science literature. kazanWe want to climb.” said.


İpekyolu Development Agency Secretary General Burhan Akyılmaz stated that the facility will be established in this area of ​​2 thousand square meters and said, “With this investment, we will establish an innovative, value-added, high-technology domestic and national production facility that creates qualified employment in Gaziantep. While the drugs produced here are supplied to the domestic market, they can also be exported to the Middle Eastern countries. As İpekyolu Development Agency, we will be the beginning of the technological and strategic transformation process that Gaziantep industry needs under global competitive conditions. " he spoke.


With this investment, indicating that they aimed to reduce the current account deficit in Turkey's pharmaceutical industry, the Secretary-General Akyılmaz, "we give to the production of cancer drugs with the support of Gaziantep no longer compete in a qualified high-tech products in the global ecosystem will be shown to the world." said.


Located at an important point geopolitically, Gaziantep is in a location that can reach 4 billion people with a flight distance of 1.8 hours. With this feature, industry and trade stand out as the most important business lines in the city, which takes the Middle East, Asia, North Africa and Europe into its hinterland. The facility to be established is aimed to add value to Gaziantep in the fields of health industry and health tourism.

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