Award Ceremony Held for FIFA 2020 E-Sports Tournament

Award Ceremony Held for FIFA 2020 E-Sports Tournament
Award Ceremony Held for FIFA 2020 E-Sports Tournament

An award ceremony was held for the FIFA 19 E-Sports Tournament, which was implemented in cooperation with Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and Gaziantep University Electronic Sports Community in order to enable young people to carry out their social activities in the process of new type of Coronavirus (Kovid-2020) with protective and preventive measures.

"Business Friendly City" in understanding the movement Turkey continues to work Gaziantep from the center of the sporting activities Metropolitan Municipality, Gaziantep University esports community cooperation in the FIFA which was organized in 2020 E-Sports Tournament Metropolitan Municipality for competitors ensures success by taking degrees in 455 people held an award ceremony in the presidency. At the ceremony, a laptop was given to Mehmet Can Özyurt, 1nd Ali Keskin and 2rd Furkan Küneş, who took the rostrum of the 3st place.


Mehmet Can Özyurt, who took the first place in the tournament, drew attention to the fact that he witnessed a very enjoyable organization and said, “The signing of such an event made us happy by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality. I have loved E-Sports for as long as I can remember. "These kinds of competitions actually have a special importance as keeping young people and children away from bad habits."

Ali Keskin, the 2nd, said that he attended the event from Şanlıurfa and said, “The tournament was very good. Participation was also intense. Organized tournament certainly has a very special place for both for Gaziantep, Turkey, "he said.

Furkan Küneş, who came third with his performance, said that the tournament was very competitive and said: “There was an intense participation in the tournament. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the organization. I can say that the tournament has been very productive for the youngsters. I want this kind of events to continue. There are very good talents in E-Spor. These talents are also revealed in such tournaments. "

After the award ceremony, Fatma Şahin, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, took a photo with the competitors who received degrees in the tournament.

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