Fast and Reliable Service in Vehicle Maintenance from Total Turkey Pazarlama

Fast and Reliable Service in Vehicle Maintenance from Total Turkey Pazarlama
Fast and Reliable Service in Vehicle Maintenance from Total Turkey Pazarlama

Total Turkey Marketing, 111 points across Turkey in TOTAL QUARTZ AUTO CARE (TQAC) with expert service centers, offering quality and reliable service to drive. Total Turkey Marketing General Manager Emre Şanda stated that the increase in the use of private vehicles due to the pandemic and the demand for second hand also brought the need for vehicle maintenance and said, “Vehicle maintenance performed by expert hands not only provides a safe ride, but also reduces possible costs”.

Due to the pandemic, owning a passenger vehicle is at the top of the needs, while the demand for second-hand vehicles is also growing. Regular vehicle maintenance, on the other hand, increases the performance of the vehicle while reducing costs as well as a safe drive. Turkey operating in the lubricants industry for 30 years and Total Marketing Turkey's leading company in the sector, TOTAL QUARTZ AUTO CARE vehicle owners with expert service centers offer high quality and reliable after sales service. Turkey periodic maintenance and oil changes, as well as general mechanical repairs in service centers serving 111 points in electricity, bodywork and additional services such as repair and tire change.

Stating that TOTAL meets the expectations of vehicle owners with its wide service network, Total Turkey Marketing General Manager Emre Şanda said, “It is very important to have the vehicle maintenance done on time and in expert hands. While regularly maintained and repaired vehicles provide a safe driving experience, they also prevent high costs that may arise suddenly. In addition, the decline in the vehicle's performance is prevented. Due to the pandemic, the number of people who want to own used vehicles is also increasing. However, when the vehicle is purchased, everything does not end. As a result, we are talking about a vehicle that has been used before. Although it was shown to a master or service before the sale, there are certain controls required by the second-hand vehicle. At this point, we come to the fore with our TOTAL QUARTZ AUTO CARE expert service network. We provide maintenance and repair services suitable for every vehicle with trained, experienced and qualified personnel and high quality equipment. Thus, vehicle owners leave satisfied with the service they receive at any TOTAL QUARTZ AUTO CARE point ”.



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