EXPO 2026 İzmir Will Revitalize International Trade

EXPO 2026 İzmir Will Revitalize International Trade
EXPO 2026 İzmir Will Revitalize International Trade

As a result of the intense efforts of Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, Izmir's application to host the world's most important International Horticultural EXPO in 2026 was approved. The EXPO area to be established in Pınarbaşı will host the fair visitors for six months, and then it will come to İzmir as a living city park. kazanwill be raised.

İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer announced that İzmir will host the 550 EXPO at the meeting at Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center, where he evaluated his 2026-day term of office, created great excitement in the city. Emphasizing the importance of the Botanic EXPO in 2026 for İzmir, Soyer said, “Botanic EXPO will make a great contribution to both the development and international recognition of İzmir while igniting the ornamental plants sector in our city. Botanic EXPO will be an important milestone on the road to 2030 World EXPO, ”he said.

EXPO area in Pınarbaşı will be a center of attraction

Izmir's hosting of EXPO 2026 was unanimously accepted at the General Assembly of the International Horticultural Producers Association (AIPH) as a result of long-standing contacts. It is predicted that 1 million 31 thousand people will visit the International Horticulture EXPO, which will be held between 2026 May and 4 October 700 with the main theme of "Living in Harmony".

EXPO 2026, which will open the door to international trade for all producers in the sector from seed to tree, will also increase the awareness of İzmir in the world. The fair area to be established on 25 hectares in Pınarbaşı will be an important attraction center where thematic exhibitions, world gardens, art, culture, food and other activities will take place. While the area welcomes its guests with its gardens and activities during the 6-month EXPO, it later came to İzmir as a living city park. kazanwill be raised. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, together with İZFAŞ, plans to start the works immediately to prepare İzmir for EXPO 2026.

"It will be used as the exhibition area of ​​three plant continents"

EXPO 2026 Izmir and plant manufacturers in Turkey will be the water of life, it will bring the industry showcase at international level. ornamental plants in Turkey, shrubs plants and ground cover plants in the area of ​​Izmir President Tunç Soyer said the first rank, "Our city, ornamental plants also have a very important place in the export as well as the production potential. So much so that İzmir makes a significant contribution to both the producers in our city and the country's economy with the added value and employment created by the sector. Turkey, a country located at the crossroads of three plant geography. "We aim to draw attention to the harmony of different and opposite lives in nature, especially in the Anatolian geography, in EXPO 2026."

Soyer, EXPO explained the work to be done for 2026: "EXPO area, seen in Turkey and also covers a significant portion of the world area Europe Siberian deciduous Forests, Mediterranean maquis and will be used as of display of three plants in the continent such as Iran Turan Prairies. All three plant continents are the homeland of many plants that guide world civilization. The three plant landscape areas will include major thematic areas discussed globally, such as the history of ornamental and agricultural plants, seed resilience, climate resilience and the future of plants. We are planning to organize various activities that will increase social awareness such as training and awareness studies on these issues.

The thinker from Urla will be devoted to Anaxagoras

Plants such as olives, wheat, almonds, pears, plums and cherries that spread out from this geography and spread to the world under the theme of "The History of Ornamental and Agricultural Plants" will be examined at Izmir EXPO 2026. On the other hand, it is aimed to invest in the reproduction of the plant species living in these lands until EXPO 2026 and to introduce new ornamental plants to the world.

The theme of "Seed Resilience" will be dedicated to the Urla philosopher Anaxagoras, who first described the seed as an essence. Under this theme, innovative projects on how seeds from the past, defined as "ancestry", should be protected in the global system will be included. The seeds will be displayed in a display area that will be made in the form of Noah's Ark.

Areas showing the relationship of flavors with plant geographies

The third theme considered for EXPO 2026 is "Climate Resilience." Under this theme, climate-friendly, horizontal and vertical landscaping examples of the future of plants and landscaping will be discussed and exhibited at the EXPO. It is planned to present application examples of basic approaches such as sustainable gardens, specific design techniques and food gardens under the title of "The Future of Landscape Design".

In the exhibition sections of EXPO 2026, there will also be areas showing the different tastes of İzmir and the gastronomic richness of Anatolia and the relationship of these flavors with plant geographies. In addition, gastronomic riches from all over the world will be displayed in the gardens of the participating countries.

Work on the area where EXPO will be held is started immediately. Transportation and all other infrastructure works in the region are planned to be completed by 2026. It will be possible to reach the area by rail and road. The EXPO area, which will host its guests for 6 months with its gardens and activities, will then remain open to visitors as a living city park.

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