Public Transport Fees Increased in Eskişehir

Public Transport Fees Increased in Eskişehir
Public Transport Fees Increased in Eskişehir

News of raise came from Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality to upset the citizen!

The raise statement made by the Municipality is as follows; “Our precious countrymen, with the decision taken by UKOME on 21 October 2020, public transportation prices were necessarily increased.

  • After the last adjustment in transportation prices in 2018, this price change became inevitable due to the increase in electricity costs, personnel expenses and exchange rates.
  • As can be seen in the graphs, there has been a 2018% increase in electricity costs between 2019-53 in ESTRAM.
  • The increase in personnel expenses such as personnel wages, food, transportation, clothing and support costs between 2018-2019 is 36%.
  • The Full Eskart value, which was determined as 2018 lira 2 kuruş in July 50, appears as 2020 lira 3 kurus in 24 according to the Central Bank's Inflation Calculation.
  • Considering many imported products, especially spare parts, the dollar rate, which was 2018 lira 6 kurus in September 60, has increased to 8 lira 30 kuruş today.

We would like to remind that 2020 is not included in the increases shown in the graphs, but that there have been great increases in all expenses this year as well.

Within this framework, within the scope of the decision taken by UKOME unanimously by representatives from different institutions and organizations, as of Sunday, November 1, 2020, the Smart ESKART price will increase from 2 lira 50 kurus to 3 lira, and the discounted smart ESCART price will increase from 1 lira to 60 kurus to 1 lira 80 kurus.

While full ESBİLET will increase from 3 lira 50 kuruş to 4 lira, discounted ESBILET will increase from 3 lira 25 kurus to 3 lira 75 kuruş. With the newly determined tariff, our citizens will pay 35 cents instead of 40 cents when transferring from buses or trams. "

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