Emek Goes to Tender for Bursa City Hospital Metro Line

Emek Goes to Tender for Bursa City Hospital Metro Line
Emek Goes to Tender for Bursa City Hospital Metro Line

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who took the common mind in consultation with all segments of the society in the projects that will carry Bursa to the future, came together with the important names of the Bursa business world in the first program 'Working, Producing, Shoulder to Shoulder for Bursa'.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who prepared the City Strategy Document, which determines the future vision of Bursa, by taking the views of all the dynamics of the city with consultation meetings covering 17 districts, started the programs 'Shoulder to Shoulder for Working, Productive Bursa'. In addition to İbrahim Burkay, the President of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the owners of companies that have become brands in the automotive, textile, machinery, health, food, agriculture and education sectors attended the meeting held at the Atatürk Congress Culture Center Beyazıt Hall.

Special attention to Khans Area

Mayor Alinur Aktaş made a short presentation at the beginning of the meeting about the projects they have implemented in the last 3 years as the Metropolitan Municipality. Reminding that the Emek - City Hospital rail system line will be built by the Ministry of Transport, Mayor Aktaş said that the tender will be held in a few days. Noting that they have started to work on the T2 line, Mayor Aktaş shared with the business world the prominent investments, especially the Çekirge Terrace Project, the Millet Garden in Altıparmak, the Foundation City Park that has been completed, and the transportation investments that will ease the traffic of the Novices. The Khans Area Çarşıbaşı Urban Design project, on the other hand, was the most interesting project of business people. Noting that the demolition of the Red Crescent, İşkur and Central Bank buildings has been completed and the Ulucami minarets are now beginning to appear on the road, Mayor Aktaş emphasized that an important historical axis will be unearthed with the Bey Palace, Tophane and Hisar Region. Stating that it is the dream of all Bursa citizens to open up the Khans Area, the business people thanked Mayor Aktaş for his determination in the project that will add prestige to Bursa.

We trust you the most

Reminding that all segments of the society have important responsibilities for the realization of Bursa's future vision, Mayor Aktaş said, “As the Metropolitan Municipality, we are trying to build a modern Bursa while preserving its ancient features. Our aim is to add value to this city together. If this city came here, if Bursa became Bursa, your support and contributions have a big share in this. We are excited for Bursa. We have a long way to go. We all have responsibilities for Bursa, which has a high value-added industry, qualified tourism, green, preserves its historical features in the best way and develops its modern face in a healthy way. In this regard, you are the one we trust and believe in the most. "We have no account other than delivering this trust we have received to the next ones in the best way.

Brand investments for Bursa

Reminding that a city needs 3 basic reasons such as geographical richness, historical cultural heritage and local dynamics in order to hold on to its geography, BTSO President İbrahim Burkay said that many cities that have been centers in history have disappeared because they do not serve local dynamics, and Bursa has played a role from the Ottoman Empire to today with strong local dynamics. He said that it continues to be a model city. BCCI's 46 thousand members of Turkey's largest trade and that the industry chamber, Bursa's production and export profile of Turkey's no city in that stated that President Burkay, "Bursa in every area of ​​our project we carry out on behalf of Turkey to become a center there . As BTSO, we have carried out many projects for the sectors in order to realize the goals of our city. TEKNOSAB, which we have implemented in line with our high-tech production goals, SME OIZ that we will implement for our small and medium-sized enterprises, UYEM, which will increase the attractiveness of our Uludağ, our competence center that realizes digital transformation in our companies, BUTEKOM and GUHEM, one of the best 5 centers in the world. We have brought projects to Bursa in the last 7 years. " said.

We must focus on production

Stating that Bursa should focus on more production and continue its growth by producing, Chairman Burkay said, “The change in the social and economic process of the societies also necessitates the spatial transformation. In the current spatial planning of our city, the industrial and storage areas have a share of only 11 per thousand in the total area of ​​8 thousand square kilometers. On the other hand, the added value provided by our industry to the city economy reaches 46 percent. in order to reach a competitive structure to allow increased capacity for spatial planning and integrated production-oriented high-tech with incentives and a new generation of Bursa, Turkey may continue to be central to the economy of wealth production, "he said. Turkey's first President noted that the establishment of OIZ in 1961 in Bursa Burkay, "Today is Turkey's second city of Bursa on our exports in that period this success is thanks to those engaged in this investment. Bursa is a city with 17 Organized Industrial Zones. As BTSO, we have carried out many projects in different fields in our city. We, as Bursa business world, will continue to add value to our city together with our Metropolitan Municipality ”.

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