Egesoy Difference in Service

When it comes to house-to-house transportation, people to move are very hesitant and seek a reliable company. There may be many problems in transportation by non-professional people. House to home transport Your belongings must be transported as they were taken without any damage. This can only be achieved by a company with expert experience. Therefore, for Egesoy Transport, the issue we always attach importance to is customer satisfaction.

All of our works are carried out within the scope of customer satisfaction. Therefore, we continue our work without making any concessions in terms of transportation. We take all our belongings within the framework of order and discipline, as we take them without any damage, to the address to be moved. We are aware of the sensitivity of transporting household items and always have experienced and responsible personnel in our team. Transportation In line with the instructions you have given, we pack and transport all your belongings, including furniture, kitchen utensils, white goods, with a separate care and with a separate method. We never locate kitchenware, furniture or white goods in the same area.

We pack your items that will be broken or require sensitivity, with special care. If you have items installed in your home and need to be dismantled, we do this carefully with our expert team. We plan everything to the finest detail in order to avoid any damage to your property, and we act in this direction.

Apart from that, we insure your belongings. We do not allow any question marks to arise in your mind about that. Since your belongings are insured, in case of possible damage, we take care of it ourselves, and we ensure that you find your belongings as you wish at the end of the transport. As Egesoy Nakliyat, we value our business and act on the basis of trust, attention and customer satisfaction. We make a detailed planning before starting the transportation process of your belongings. We provide detection of your belongings. Then we determine our vehicle by looking at factors such as the quantity and size of your items. For example, if your belongings to be transported are less or more, we choose our vehicle accordingly. And during transportation, we use our vehicles by paying attention to avoid any damage to your belongings without exceeding our appropriate speed limit.



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