Edirnekapı Metrobus Station Overpass Renewed

Edirnekapı Station Overpass Renewed
Edirnekapı Station Overpass Renewed

Renovation works of the overpass of the Metrobus line at Edirnekapı station were completed. The new overpass, which facilitates the access of the disabled, is opened on the Republic Day.

The "Edirnekapı Metrobus Station, New Pedestrian Overpass and Connection Ramps" completed by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality will be put into service on 29 October 2020. Thanks to these new overpasses and connection ramps, the access of disabled citizens to the station will be easier and the passenger traffic on the station connection roads will accelerate.

In the renewal of the overpass connected to the station and the construction of the connection ramps, the IMM teams successfully completed the renovation process with a busy work. Landscape work is still in progress on the overpasses and connection roads. In this way, passengers will be able to reach the station more comfortably and quickly.

On the 44-station Metrobus line, 58 of 37 different entrances are suitable for disabled access. There are a total of 44 elevators in 23 of 59 stations to provide disabled access. Within the scope of the efforts to make the entire line suitable for disabled access, the construction of 15 more elevators for each of the 3 July Martyrs Bridge and Mecidiyeköy stations continues by IMM. After the lift construction works are completed, 44 of the 25 stations will have 65 elevators in total.

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