When Will the Stopped, Regional and Main Line Train Flights Start?

When Will the Stopped, Regional and Main Line Train Flights Start?
When Will the Stopped, Regional and Main Line Train Flights Start?

Train services to many provinces and districts in Izmir have not been made since April due to the pandemic. This situation victimizes the shopkeepers along with thousands of passengers.

According to the report of Ali Babuş from Evrensel; Since April, regional and main line trains to cities and districts such as Eskişehir, Denizli and Bandırma connected to İzmir have not been running. The toll station clerk we asked why said, “Go wait outside, check over there. The necessary explanations will be made by TCDD officials ”.

The flights have been suspended since April, citing the pandemic. Shopping malls, schools, stadiums have been opened, but our railways have not yet been opened. Stopping these flights, which are both economical and easy to transport, suffer thousands of people. Hundreds of villagers and townspeople who bring products to their villages and towns from here and carry the products they produce to the markets are victimized. In April, thousands of people from Denizli and its districts were coming and going to hospitals for treatment. Students going to and from Celal Bayar University had to come and go due to their periodic needs even though the schools were closed. Elderly, disabled people and people with children suffer the most. People have to get on two or three vehicles to get to places like Alaşehir, Eşme.

Money Since Expeditions Are Not Made Kazanwe are sucking

Shopkeepers also complain about the suspension of the expeditions. Tradesmen who say, “Our business has decreased by a third”, want the expeditions to start as soon as possible. A tradesman named Ümit Büke said, “1000 people travel in İZBAN. Everyone can sit and travel a distance here. Even the station's toilet became inoperable. 30-40 lira per day kazani'm okay kazanI can't," he says.

An elderly citizen we spoke with said, “I have been using this road for fifty years. It was a bit of nostalgia for me. I was going to my village every week. It was both safe and cheap. We are having a lot of trouble, let them find a solution to this ”and wants the voyages to start as soon as possible.

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