DSV Logistics from Turkey and the Rooster Cooperation

DSV Logistics from Turkey and the Rooster Cooperation
DSV Logistics from Turkey and the Rooster Cooperation

Since 2006, the world's giant logistics companies demonstrating successful activity in Turkey's market DSV, Turkey's domestic and national One of the first enterprise which Cock Logistics and Domestic Complete Transportation (FTL) has signed a long-term major cooperation agreement in the field.

The content of this agreement is only Domestic Complete Transportation Activity, and both companies aim to create a dynamic, satisfaction-oriented and more competitive structure in the sector by joining their forces. This agreement is not a purchasing or partnership agreement, but a long-term cooperation to provide business partners with a more efficient and competitive supply process management in changing and developing market conditions. This agreement with DSV Turkey and the Rooster combining the strong field of Domestic Logistics will make joint investment and marketing activities to increase their market share in complete transportation activities.

DSV's worldwide size and especially its versatile cooperation with global customers, continuous and sustainable growth strategies and strong financial infrastructure, Horoz Logistics' 78 years of experience, effective customer relations and sales skills, well-organized widespread national network and They aim to lead the competition in the sector by combining their traceability, transparency and IT skills that encourage continuous improvement in their operations, with an end-to-end service that adds value to all processes.

Global 18 billion dollars with revenue, one of the world's three largest logistics company with 3 million dollars in annual revenue with IATA Number 240 in Turkey DSV, 1 parking spaces, with great importance to it in the direction of growth and service diversification targets in Turkey market, Roosters This agreement with logistics is of great importance.

Specializing in integrated logistics services, producing services in all transportation modes as part of a worldwide network of 800 branches, serving in the fields of micro distribution, dealer common warehouse management, e-commerce and conventional storage with 400.000 logistics centers in a closed area of ​​2 m42 spread throughout the country. Thanks to this cooperation, Horoz Logistics has taken a very important step towards becoming the most important player in the sector with DSV.

Following the signature ceremony held with the high level participation of the two companies, Horoz Logistics Chief Executive Officer Mr. Taner Horoz said, “As Horoz Logistics, we adapt our business processes according to the changing world conditions in order to meet the needs of our customers and, most importantly, to provide them with value-added services, and we rapidly realize the trends required by this transformation. In this context, we aim to grow 3 times in the field of Complete Transportation within 3 years with this cooperation we have realized with the DSV family. Both sides further strengthen both Turkey's economy sector, most importantly, our customers will appreciate a large contribution to Mr. Ozan enable this business associations and all our colleagues. " said.

DSV General Manager Mr. Ozan Önder; "Our goal with variation compared to the National Product Turkey's Gross next five years but 250 Billion from using larger domestic logistics activities more central and corporate identity of all transport branches, customers will have to provide services with more advantageous costs. We trust that we will be the pioneer and driving force of the industry, together with our investors and colleagues who support us in this way, and we thank Mr. Taner Horoz and the Horoz family for our beliefs and partners in our goals in our exciting journey. He wished that this successful cooperation would be beneficial for both parties.

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