Dikimevi Natoyolu Metro Line Project From IMM

Dikimevi Natoyolu Metro Line Project From IMM
Dikimevi Natoyolu Metro Line Project From IMM

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality won the tender for the project of the new metro of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality (ABB). The extension project of Ankaray A1 Line between AŞTİ and Dikimevi will be carried out by METRO İSTANBUL, a subsidiary of IMM.

Located between the rail operators of the world's leading urban Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), will make the project of Turkey's capital Ankara subway line extension study. METRO ISTANBUL, a subsidiary of IMM, won the "Ankaray (A11) Sewing House-Natoyolu Rail System Extension Line Application Project" tender, organized by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality (ABB) on 6 August and 1 companies bid.


Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mansur Yavaş and General Manager of METRO İSTANBUL AŞ Özgür Soy attended the signing ceremony held after the conclusion of the tender. Stating that they know that IMM has 32 years of rail system operating experience, Mansur Yavaş said, “We know and expect that you will complete the project work in less than 8 months. Good luck to Ankara and Istanbul. "We want to finish this subway in our own time," he said.


Özgür Soy also stated that Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu is very pleased with the cooperation of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and wishes it to continue, “We, as a 32-year operator and 22-year project experience; We carry over 154,25 million passengers a day with 158 kilometers of lines, 844 stations and 2,5 vehicles. "Thanks to the feedback we receive from our passengers and our management hat, we can think of the process 360 degrees and develop functional projects with an integrated perspective."

Noting that they also consider the maintenance, repair and storage aspects while designing the projects, Soy said, “We know Istanbul and our country very well not only geographically but also in terms of cultural characteristics. At this point, we differ from foreign engineers. Trust Turkish engineers. "We are not only considering the travel dimension of the line, but also in terms of providing maximum and sustainable benefit to the business.


Within the scope of the extension project to be made to the 11 kilometer Ankaray A8,5 Line, which has 1 stations between AŞTİ and Dikimevi; The 8-kilometer A7,4 Sewinghouse-Nato Road Line, consisting of 2 stations, will be built. The line, which is also integrated with the M2 Kızılay-Çayyolu Metro Line, will facilitate access from Mamak to the city center.

METRO İSTANBUL; In this project, it will produce route and warehouse area projects, drainage, infrastructure displacement and temporary traffic circulation projects, ground survey, feasibility study, financial and economic analysis, transportation study and EIA report, architectural and structural design projects, electro-mechanical projects. It will also prepare construction and electromechanical tender documents.


Following technological developments and animating the pedestrian movements that may occur during the final use during the design process on the virtual platform, IMM directs the design through simulations at the points where the passenger density is high and at the integration stations. Thus, design problems that can cause negativity in passenger passes are prevented. In addition to simulation, stations designed with 3D design, animation, visualization and virtual reality experience are evaluated.


In the project; METRO ISTANBUL, which will take the safety, operation-maintenance convenience, energy saving and energy efficiency requirements as the basis for the solutions to be applied, will choose the equipment that needs less energy, relatively low cost and long life. It will design the GoA2 automation level signaling system for the Söğütözü Station of the existing AŞTİ-Dikimevi line and integrate it with the system.

METRO ISTANBUL, which exists in every process of the investment from the idea stage to the operation, also carries out the infrastructure and superstructure renovation and construction works in its lines and facilities. Offering turnkey projects to its corporate customers, the company offers; He designed a total of 27 projects, including 9 metro, 2 tram, 1 havaray, 1 funicular, 1 cable car, 1 trolleybus, 1 metrobus and 43 AGT.

It has carried out many projects in Turkey and abroad such as Konya Selçuk University Alaaddin Keykubat Campus Tram Line Extension Project, Bursa T1 Tram Line Application Project, Pakistan Lahore Metrobus Line Engineering Consultancy Services and the Establishment of Medina Public Transportation Network and the Metro Line Preliminary Project.



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