State Garden Bridge Completion Tender Look Who Gone

State Garden Bridge Completion Tender Look Who Gone
State Garden Bridge Completion Tender Look Who Gone

AKP quietly gave a giant tender to a company close to itself. The 492.6 million lira "Adana 15 July Bridge and Connection Roads Completion Tender" went to Atis Asphalt, which was specially called without notice. The name of the project was Devlet Bahçeli Bridge at the beginning.

According to the report of Yusuf Demir from SÖZCÜ; “The AKP government continues to distribute tenders to the companies it wants, using Article 21b of the Public Procurement Law for extraordinary situations such as earthquakes and disasters. In the "Adana 15 July Martyrs Bridge and Access Roads Supply Tender", the exception for the state of emergency was made by bargaining method in accordance with the 21b article, instead of the competitive open procedure accepted by law.

Using the privileges of the exception article of the tender law, it was held among companies that were invited privately on September 18, without public announcement. The tender, with an estimated price of 573 million 235 thousand liras, was given to Atis Asfalt for 492 million 659 thousand 84 liras behind closed doors. The contract for the tender, which was completed with jet speed, was signed on October 2. Accordingly, the construction, which started on September 19, will take 800 days and will be completed on January 13, 2023.


Along with MET-GÜN İnşaat, which has an organic bond, Atis Asphalt is known for the tenders it has received especially from Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality during the AKP period. Finally, just before the renewed Istanbul elections, it came to the fore as one of the few companies where the municipality's coffers were emptied with early payment.

MET-GÜN Construction, owned by Metin Güneş, one of the biggest partners of Atis, was on the agenda again last July. Since the company will buy the asphalt business remaining from the AKP period, it received 565 million lira from IMM's “non-foreclosable” accounts in the bank through foreclosure. Moreover, this money was the foreign loan that IMM received for the metro project. According to the law, revenues obtained by the municipality through borrowing against projects cannot be confiscated.

Eze İnşaat, which owns the majority share of Atis Asphalt, was also invited to the Kocaeli City Hospital Tramway Line Construction tender, which was also held in the 21b style last month. The approximate cost of the tender is 323.4 million lira.


The project, the foundation of which was laid in 2016, was started by the Adana Metropolitan Municipality under the name of Devlet Bahçeli Bridge during the MHP period, but remained unfinished. In 2017, the AKP Council members voted against the MHP-run municipality's request for a borrowing of 240 million TL.


3 years have passed. President and AKP Chairman Recep Tayyip Erdogan stepped in surprisingly last August. In his speech on September 4, Erdogan said, “Our Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure will complete the remaining parts of this bridge, whose physical realization is at the level of 47 percent, at a cost of 530 million TL. The construction of this work, which started under the name of Devlet Bahçeli Bridge, has been named as July 15 Martyrs' Bridge upon the request of Mr. Bahçeli and hopefully we will finish it this way ”.


The bridge, with three lanes round trip and a rail system in the middle, will have a length of 800 meters. The Devlet Bahçeli Bridge, which is 39 meters wide, designed to have a total of 6-lane highway and double-track railway, will have 24 feet. The bridge will use a total of 585 steel beams to create a 900-meter section crossing the river.

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