Railroad accidents are alarming

Railroad accidents are alarming
Railroad accidents are alarming

The United Transport Workers Union (BTS) reported that they are concerned that the accidents will not end with this staff and this management approach in the railways.

In the statement made by BTS; “On October 10, 2020 at 6.25 in the morning, the freight train under the command of Hanefi Adem Yüksel and Ömer Baltat, who were going from Kayseri to Çankırı direction, and the freight train under the command of Mehmet Karaağaç and Murat Özyılmaz from Çankırı direction to Kayseri direction. It collided between Irmak - Kalecik Stations and in the accident, mechanics Hanefi Adem Yüksel and Ömer Baltat lost their lives.

We wish our condolences and patience to the families of our colleagues whom we lost in the disaster, and urgent recovery to our colleagues who were injured in the accident.

KazanFollowing the hearing, a delegation consisting of our Union's General Secretary İsmail Özdemir, General Law CIS and Human Rights Secretary Aziz Mustafa Şimşek and Ankara Branch President Arif Bülent Özaltın went to the accident site and examined.

As a result of the first examination;

General rehabilitation was carried out on the Irmak-Zonguldak railway line, the signaling system was installed along the line, but it was not fully completed and there were deficiencies,

The signalization system should also be in electronic communication with the locomotives on the line, but the communication systems on the locomotive do not work, electronic communication from the road cannot be read, if it were read, it would not send the oncoming train to the road and brake,

The command direction of the locomotive going from Çankırı to Kayseri direction is reverse, and the locomotive is located on one side of the locomotive, which is 21 meters long, and therefore the locomotive's control in the opposite direction prevents the view of the engineers,

In order to ensure that the locomotive cabin is at the front, it has been determined that there should be Plaktorna that turns the direction of the locomotives in central places such as Çankırı, Karabük, Irmak, Zonguldak, the Plate in Karabük is always out of order and the Plate in Çankırı was transferred to the Municipality and a playground was built on the land. .

However, due to the major fatal train accidents, the bad situation of the railways comes to the agenda, and the accidents with financial losses or only personnel injuries or loss of life are not mainly on the public agenda.

There have been 4 accidents in the last 3 days.

The history of railways is 164 years. The management staff consisted of managers who had specialized in the institution for many years and had knowledge, experience and knowledge. In recent years, the lack of knowledge, experience and experience of the administrators appointed from municipalities and other institutions through open appointments is obvious, and a person who is not familiar with the corporate culture has been appointed to the Traffic and Station Department, which is one of the important units in TCDD.

Considering the magnitude of the problems experienced in every field after the division of TCDD into two under the name of restructuring, together with the management staff without knowledge, experience and experience, these accidents are inevitable.

The Traffic and Station Management Department is the specialized and formerly known as the establishment of the railways. The Municipality bureaucrat, who does not understand the railway traffic and has only 52 days of railway history, has been brought to the Directorate of Traffic and Station Management Department. The first action of the 52-day railway driver when he took office was to dismiss two Traffic and Station Management Deputy Heads, who were 35-year-old railway drivers with traffic origin, and then send 16 railway members who are members of our union into exile.

These exiles, unsatisfactory appointments and wrong practices damaged the traffic system in the entire railway.

Are we unfair to be worried about accidents following these personnel movements?

A dialogue was not established with our Union for the solution of the problems, and the management staff who would produce solutions to the problems were removed from the management. Train accidents in the last week have also shown that sufficient efforts are not made to solve the problems.

Are we wrong in worrying that the accidents will not end with this staff and this management approach in railways? " It was said.

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