Trials of Covid-19 Vaccine From China Started in Ankara City Hospital

Trials of Covid-19 Vaccine From China Started in Ankara City Hospital
Trials of Covid-19 Vaccine From China Started in Ankara City Hospital

Trials of the Covid-19 vaccine from China on volunteers were also started at Ankara City Hospital. Hospital's Coordinator Chief Physician Opr. Dr. Aziz Ahmet Surel was among the volunteers.

Turkey, is located in the Covidien-19 vaccine works effectively. Animal trials of the domestic Covid-19 vaccine have been completed recently. Turkey is also produced in different countries are participating in the human trials in Phase 3 clinical trials of the vaccine have not reached their level. Ankara City Hospital was also added to the trials of the Chinese origin vaccine that started at Hacettepe, Kocaeli and Istanbul universities.

Coordinator Chief Physician Surel, who was one of the first people to apply the vaccine, stated that the vaccine is the only hope in the exit from the pandemic. Surel said that they hope to get rid of this scourge as soon as possible by getting both domestic and foreign vaccines.

Underlining that currently they are trying to prevent its spread and contamination, Surel said, “When the vaccine is formed, both our society and the rest of the world will have serious protection at this point and we will be able to break the pandemic. At the point of international studies of a vaccine that has now reached the stage of human study, our hospital is one of the rings in the trial process of this vaccine. We volunteered like our other healthcare professionals. This vaccine will be evaluated as soon as possible and hopefully we have done our duty to bring hope to both the people in our country and the rest of the world. " He spoke in the form.

Ankara City Hospital Infectious Diseases Clinic Training Responsible and Coronavirus Scientific Committee Member Prof. Dr. H. Rahmet Güner also stated that the first application of the inactive Sars-Cov19 vaccine produced against Covid-2 was carried out in the hospital, and said that they hope that the local vaccine will be able to be applied in the near future. Güner noted that the vaccine was 100 thousand doses made in China, 7 thousand in Brazil, and 500 in Indonesia.

Vaccine trial applications is done at 25 centers in Turkey. The vaccine, which is made entirely on a voluntary basis, is planned to be applied to 13 thousand people in our country.

If the 2rd phase of the vaccine, which was successful in the 3nd phase trials, is also successful, it is expected to be ready for use at the beginning of 2021.

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