First Phase of Bursaray Signalization System Revision Completed

First Phase of Bursaray Signalization System Revision Completed
First Phase of Bursaray Signalization System Revision Completed

The first phase of Bursaray Signalization System Revision, which was implemented by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality to reduce the waiting time in the rail system to 2 minutes, to increase the passenger capacity on the same line by 60 percent, and where the works were carried out only between 01.00 - 06.00 at night to prevent the system from disrupting. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who examined the works on site, reminded that the annual number of passengers, which was 2003 million in 45 when the system started to work, increased to 95 million last year, and said that the existing lines will be used more efficiently.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which tries to make the road network more efficient with new roads, bridges and intersections in order to eliminate the transportation problem in Bursa, on the other hand, continues to work without slowing down to make the rail systems that form the backbone of public transportation more attractive. While this number reached 2003 million in 45 in BursaRay, which carried about 2019 million passengers in 95, when it was opened to operation, the Metropolitan Municipality commissioned the Signalization System Revision project in order to meet the constantly increasing demand in the existing line and to make transportation more comfortable. While a contract was signed with BBR for the project of approximately 9,5 million Euros in March last year, the work done for the 2-minute series interval between the University and the Carbed was planned as 3 phases, and the works in the field were carried out only between 01.00 - 06.00 at night to disrupt the existing system. While the first phase of the works, between the Cargas Farm and the Pasha Farm, was planned to be completed in June, the works that were disrupted due to the fact that the company's personnel abroad could not come to Bursa due to the pandemic.

Demand doubled

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş and his accompanying Burulaş General Manager Mehmet Kürşat Çapar attended the test drive of the new system at Gökdere Station at 01.30:2000 at night. Chairman Aktaş, who received information about the first phase works completed from the officials of the BBR company, said that the second phase, which includes the Pasha Farm - Small Industry, is planned to be put into operation in December, and the third phase, which includes the Small Industry - University, in July next year. Reminding that Bursaray system designs were made according to Bursa, whose population was around 2 million in the early 3s, Mayor Aktaş said, “Now 2003 million people live in Bursa and with this increase, the interest in public transportation is constantly increasing. While 45 million passengers were transported in 95, when the system started operating, last year we saw 17 million. In other words, the demand for the rail system has doubled in 60 years. We also started a signaling optimization study that would increase the capacity of the existing line by XNUMX percent without building a new line. "We immediately start the completed first phase."

Healthy and quality transportation

Stating that Bursaray Signalization System Revision was implemented in order to eliminate the intensity especially in the morning and evening hours, Mayor Aktaş explained that these studies will start to bear fruit in the coming days. Reminding that services are provided with a capacity of 55-60 percent in rail systems due to the pandemic process, Mayor Aktaş said, “I hope we will return to normal days and start using our subways intensively. We are working to provide transportation services to our people with the healthiest, highest quality rail systems. Our citizens of Bursa will experience the quality and awareness of the process as if a new line has been built. You will appreciate that we have to meet the potential of the growing Bursa. I hope these capacities will increase even more with our Emek City Hospital line, our T2 line, and the following University - Görükle line. "We make every effort to ensure that our fellow citizens from Bursa can go to their jobs and homes in a healthier, more qualified, timely and peaceful manner."

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