UAV is Used to Detect Illegal Construction in Bursa

Bursa Poacher UAV Detects 26 Thousand Times Increase
Bursa Poacher UAV Detects 26 Thousand Times Increase

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), commissioned by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality to prevent illegal construction, detected an increase of 6 thousand 404 times over 977 thousand 26 buildings it has scanned in the last 973 months.

While Bursa, especially with its industrial city identity, has been the victim of unplanned and illegal settlements due to the intense immigration from different provinces of Anatolia since the 1970s, the Metropolitan Municipality continues its determination in combating illegal use. The Metropolitan Municipality, which uses all the possibilities of technology especially at the control point and has started the aerial tracking application with UAV since last April, does not cause illegal construction. The UAV, which has been in the air for 6 hours and scanning 104 square kilometers in the last 370 months, took a total of 113 photos. In the inspections, which mainly covered Osmangazi, Yıldırım, Nilüfer, Kestel and Gürsu, a 500 thousand 404-fold increase was detected on a total of 977 thousand 26 buildings. These storey increases were marked on the map and the subject was transferred to the relevant district municipalities with photographs to determine whether the building is licensed or illegal.

Serious work is a must

Alinur Aktaş, Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, who evaluated the works they carried out in combating illegal construction, said that in Bursa, which is located in the first degree earthquake zone, serious work should be done especially in the fight against illegal use. guiding the economy because of a city of Bursa, Turkey's most immigration Chairman Aktas voicing become one of the province, "together with increasing population migration, irregular settlements to be brought along. Unfortunately, the unplanned housing in our Bursa is at a level where serious studies need to be done. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we approach this issue sensitively with our district municipalities. In July of last year, we made a decision in our Metropolitan Council and in line with this decision, we do not allow constructions within the metropolitan borders without legal permission. We made the necessary equipment investments for the application, where the whole city is followed by airborne Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. "We have been continuing our aerial inspections effectively since April."

Supervision and demolition support

Reminding that the UAV determined 6 thousand 26 floor increases in the last 973 months, Mayor Aktaş said, “Our district municipalities are authorized for licensing. For this reason, we mark these floor increases on the map and inform the district municipalities in order to determine whether the building is illegal or legal. In other words, there are legal fold increases in this number. Our district municipalities identify them and take the necessary action. As Metropolitan, we take an active role in the inspection and we provide team and equipment support to our district municipalities who want to. In this context, we have supported the demolition of nearly 1 buildings in Osmangazi, Yıldırım, Nilüfer, Gürsu, Kestel, İznik, Mudanya, Orhangazi, Yenişehir and Gemlik in line with the request of district municipalities in the last 200 year.

President Aktas, the illegal structures identified application with UAV that Turkey Healthy Cities Healthy Cities held on 11th of this year by the Association Best Practice Competition Healthy Urban Planning category, the jury awarded a special prize was also added.

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