BUDO Passenger Ticket Prices Have Made 40 Percent Discount

BUDO Passenger Ticket Prices Have Made 40 Percent Discount
BUDO Passenger Ticket Prices Have Made 40 Percent Discount

BUDO, which was established by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and has become an important brand of quality, economical and safe sea transportation between Istanbul and Bursa, has been reduced by 40 percent in passenger ticket prices. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, reminding that BUDO prices were back two years ago, said that a single price application of 39 TL was started regardless of the time, day and direction.

BUDO, which started its voyages by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in 2013 in order to provide quality, economical and safe sea transportation between Bursa and Istanbul, and carries an average of 1 million passengers per year, reduced ticket prices. The ticket prices, which were 65 TL for students, 53 TL for disabled people and 45 TL for the disabled and veterans, were reduced to 39 TL and a single price application was initiated. While there was a record 40 percent discount on the full ticket, the Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaş announced the new application to the public with a statement in front of the Mudanya BUDO pier.

Secure area certificate

Mayor Aktaş, who came to the BUDO Pier in Mudanya together with Burulaş General Manager Mehmet Kürşat Çapar and AK Party Mudanya District Chairman İnci Söğütlü, first of all, the late Hikmet Şahin, one of the former mayors of the Metropolitan Municipality, who introduced Bursa to sea transportation, and Recep Altepe, who founded BUDO. He started his speech by thanking him. Reminding that the purpose of the establishment of BUDO is to provide quality, economical and safe transportation, Mayor Aktaş stated that BUDO never stopped its services except for the period when there was an intercity transportation ban during the pandemic process. He emphasized that the voyages continue with the safe area certificate against covid 19 and the distance seat layout, which was received with the inspections made by international organizations with the normalization process.

Single price: 39 TL

Stating that despite the decrease in the number of passengers due to the pandemic, they work without interruption to both sea transportation and urban transportation services, Mayor Aktaş said, “Without any conditions and conditions, we reduce all our BUDO prices to 39 TL, regardless of the time, day and direction, We return to our previous prices. Our application showed its effect from the first day and while we normally wake up with 2 to 70 passengers, we got up with 75 passengers this morning. This is not a short-term practice. During the winter and spring period, our citizens will be able to benefit from this attractive price practice ”.

Economic transportation

Urban public transport is the cheapest individual student ticket in Bursa in Turkey commissioned by President Aktas, "associated with Bursa Metropolitan Municipality students made since we came to office in no time. In addition, with the discounts we made and the subsequent price adjustments, there was a total increase of 8 - 9 percent in regular tickets. Despite the diluted passenger practice due to the pandemic and the increasing costs, we continue to maintain a stable economic price understanding. "With this discount on BUDO ticket prices, our citizens will have the opportunity to travel between Bursa and Istanbul more economically."

In the meantime, the number of daily trips between Bursa and Istanbul will be increased to 3 as of Monday, October 12.

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