BTS's Statement About Yozgat Train Crash

Statement Regarding Yozgat Train Crash In Which Two Machinists From BTS Seriously Injured
Statement Regarding Yozgat Train Crash In Which Two Machinists From BTS Seriously Injured

Before the sorrow of the accidents in the railways in the last 10 years subsided and the responsible public administrators did not take account before the judiciary, a new link was added to the chain of disasters.

The United Transport Workers Union (BTS) made a statement regarding the train accident; “At around 7:2020 on October 15.00, XNUMX, two freight trains between Yerköy Station and Karaosman Station heading towards Kayseri were hit by the train in front and two of our mechanic colleagues were seriously injured.

The railways that we provide labor-intensive service have a history of 164 years in our country. The statutes and regulations created with the experience gained from the events that have been experienced since the beginning of the train management have been arranged according to the profit-based commercial relations by cutting the public side of the institution according to the purpose of rent, privatization and commercial relations.

These regulations aim to do a lot of business with fewer staff to generate more profits. Within this framework, the railway management exerted multidimensional pressure on employees, and they faced drudgery duties, long-term shifts with incomplete personnel and working conditions that do not comply with the provisions of worker health and safety.

In addition, the investments that should be made in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331 were not made on time and as required, making accidents inevitable.

The European Railway Traffic Management System, which our country is a party to and has signed contracts, has not yet been implemented in our National Railway lines.

Another drawback is the open appointments instead of making appointments based on merit within the institution. Open appointments made with managerial approaches that are not suitable for the corporate culture, especially as a result of the intervention and suggestions of politics, cause great damage to the institution and railways, and also weaken the traffic safety.

The institution, which was divided into two as a result of the practices implemented under the name of Restructuring / Liberalization, comes to the agenda with accidents full of pain, blood and tears, and this situation negatively affects the mental and physical health of the employees.

In every accident and incident, Machinists, Train Organization Officers and Machinists, Train Organization Officers are accused and all kinds of accidents and incidents are invoiced to employees. However, managers and the system who discriminate among their employees by moving stones, discriminate among the employees, and the system are never questioned and are not allowed to be brought to court.

The main flaws in accidents and incidents; It is the management approach of managers who do not correct negative working conditions. High-level executives, whose defects are fixed by court decisions, escape from being judged by taking shelter in the wings of the politics they came from.

Our union is aware of the reasons for all accidents and incidents and follows them.

As a result; All regulations made in the name of making a lot of profit cause more damage with these accidents, and dozens of employees or citizens die. This mistake should be reversed quickly, and the transportation service should be provided as a public service where safety is emphasized.

We wish immediate recovery to our colleagues injured in the train accident that occurred between Yerköy Station and Karaosman Station. " It was said.

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