New Connection Road to Bornova

New Connection Road to Bornova
New Connection Road to Bornova

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which continues to implement projects that will facilitate urban transportation, has opened a new connection road between Bornova Evka-3 Neighborhood and Ankara Street. Thus, the distance to connect to the highway was halved.

The projects that will breathe the city traffic, brought to the agenda in the election campaign of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, are being implemented one by one. New roads are opened in areas with heavy traffic in İzmir and critical interventions are made to the vehicle density with landscaping. Finally, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality conducted a comprehensive study at Bornova Evka-3 District Nilüfer Junction.

4. Industry merged with the highway

A new zoning road was opened between the intersection and Cengizhan Caddesi, with two lanes of 600 meters long and 25 meters wide, two lanes coming and going. The new road, which was put into service with an investment of 600 million lira, including the expropriation price of over 4.6 thousand lira, provided a direct passage from the 3th Industry in the Evka-4 Quarter to Ankara Street. While it was necessary to travel 129 meters from the 19/300 intersection to the motorway entrance junction, this distance was halved with the completion of the newly built road. A total of 1.2 kilometers of pavements were arranged on both sides of the road. The middle median was created. 1.2 thousand tons of asphalt pavement was made within the scope of 6-kilometer road arrangement works. In order to meet the parking lot needs of the region, a parking lot for 79 vehicles was put into service. In addition, a parking lot for 94 cars was created on the roadside. The new zoning road that will breathe the Bornova traffic was put into service.

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