BMW R 18 Launched at Authorized Dealers of Borusan Otomotiv

BMW R 18 Launched at Authorized Dealers of Borusan Otomotiv
BMW R 18 Launched at Authorized Dealers of Borusan Otomotiv

Borusan Otomotiv, the Turkey distributor of BMW Motorrad's heritage cruise segment where the first model of the new BMW R 18, Borusan Otomotiv authorized dealers at the price of $ 315.270 XNUMX was launched.

The 18 cc Big Boxer of the new BMW R 1802, produced by BMW Motorrad and the world's highest volume boxer engine, promises an exciting driving experience for adventure enthusiasts.

BMW is expected to be an important milestone in the history of BMW Motorrad R 18, meets the road in Turkey. Standing out with the highest volume boxer engine ever produced in the world and offered for sale at a price of 315.270 TL, the new BMW R18 is waiting for its enthusiasts to Borusan Automotive Authorized Dealers. The new BMW R in Turkey as well as all over the world 18 the BMW Motorrad's most important model indicating it would be one of the Borusan Otomotiv Executive Board Chairman Hakan Mohair, '' Design with high-volume motor and senses the driving dynamics of the new BMW R18, BMW Motorrad It heralds an assertive and powerful entry into the heritage cruiser segment. '' Stating that they are aiming to reach a new audience with the arrival of the R 18, Hakan Tiftik said, “The new BMW R 18 was very curious, and we think that it will be a high demand model in a short time. As of October, we will meet the enthusiasts by appointment at Borusan Otomotiv Authorized Dealers within the framework of hygiene rules ”.

First Edition Specialty Equipment Turkey Package

The new BMW R 18, which attracts attention with its wide range of equipment, provides a complete customization opportunity for its enthusiasts. In addition, the new BMW R 18 First Edition features presented in reverse gear between Turkey package, lighting package, passenger seat, the handlebar grip heating, ramp support assistant and LED signals takes place as standard. In addition to these, the "white double strip" designed by BMW's master craftsmen and drawn on the tank dazzles as an emotional reflection of BMW's connection with the past.

Powerful Big Boxer Engine Befitting Its Eye-catching Silhouette

The new BMW R 18, which provides high torque to its drivers with its typical working character, also offers its users an extremely stable drive. The new BMW R 18, which creates a fascinating silhouette with its long and low stance, strongly embraces the legendary Big Boxer engine thanks to its double-engine cradle chassis. The 18 cc high-volume boxer engine of the new BMW R 1802 can provide its drivers with a maximum torque of 3000 Nm at 158 rpm and a torque of over 2000 Nm at all times from 4000 to 150 rpm. In addition, it produces 4750 horsepower at 91 rpm, combining the driving pleasure of the Big Boxer with modern technology.

Attention to Details

The chassis type used in the new BMW R 18 continues the BMW Motorrad tradition of many years. Superior manufacturing quality and attention to detail are evident in the welded joints between steel pipes and forged parts. In addition, the rear swingarm, similar in design to the legendary BMW R 5, surrounds the rear axle transmission in an authentic style via bolted links.

Less Electronics, More Pure Driving Pleasure

The new BMW R 18 offers a purer driving pleasure to its enthusiasts without electronic adjustment options in the suspension elements. Central suspension support, directly mounted with a telescopic fork replacing electronic adjustment options, provides exceptional wheel control and suspension comfort. As in the legendary BMW R 5, the tubes of the telescopic fork are surrounded by fork bushings, the fork tube diameter is 49 mm, the suspension travel is 120 mm at the front and 90 mm at the rear. The brake system of the new BMW R 18 consists of four-piston fixed calipers, as well as a double disc brake at the front and a single disc brake at the rear.

Driving Support Systems Suitable for Every Road Conditions

The new BMW R 18 features three different standard driving modes named “Rain”, “Roll” and “Rock” that can adapt to driver preferences. In addition, ASC (Automatic Stability Control) and Engine Torque Control (MSR), which provide a high level of driving safety and can be deactivated upon request, are among the features offered as standard in the new BMW R 18. Reverse Gear support, which is another feature that helps the driving experience, makes it easier to maneuver, while Hill Start Control makes uphill takeoffs safer and more comfortable for drivers.

Showroom exhibition dates;

  • 10-14 October Borusan Oto İstinye
  • 16-20 October Borusan Oto Avcılar
  • 22-26 October Borusan Oto Ankara
  • October 28-November 2 Borusan Oto Adana
  • 5-9 November Kosifler Auto Antalya
  • November 12-16 Özgörkey Automotive İzmir
  • 18-21 November Teknik Oto Bursa


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